Piers Morgan claimed he’d ‘been set up’ after ‘ban’ from Princess Diana’s funeral

Piers Morgan claimed he’d ‘been set up’ after ‘ban’ from Princess Diana’s funeral

Piers Morgan discusses Harry and Meghan’s royal titles

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The TV star shocked many with remarks that Diana would be “horrified by the split” between Princes Harry and William last night. The 56-year-old gave his first interview since quitting Good Morning Britain (GMB) to Fox News’ Tucker Carlson. During the chat, Piers made more digs at Meghan Markle and the Sussexes’ for their decision to speak out after leaving the Firm. 

He also claimed Diana would have been “horrified” over the allegations of racism within the Royal Family – which the royals firmly reject.

Piers described Meghan and Harry’s interview with Oprah Winfrey as an “appalling smearing of the Queen” that was “already causing damage” in Commonwealth countries.

He believed the “outrageous lie” regarding Archie’s “skin colour” was believed by many but insisted Her Majesty was not “presiding over a racist institution”.

During his interview, he reiterated how close he was to Diana and said he “knew” her “well”.

Previously, Piers described how a friendship flourished between them, during a 2019 LBC interview.

He revealed that she leaked stories to him and during a “two-three-hour” lunch “spilled her heart out on all sorts of stuff”.

After those moments of bonding, Piers claimed Diana “would ring me up” for advice about the press and he would call her too.

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Piers described the royal as “the most hunted person… but also one of the most manipulative people I’ve encountered using the media”.

He claimed she was “able to be a victim and someone who used the media at the same time”.

Some have made comparisons between Diana and Meghan, including the Duchess and Harry’s demand for “privacy” while also using the press.

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This was followed by their interview with Oprah in February, where they exposed their alleged treatment by both the media and Royal Family. 

In words that echo Meghan, Piers claimed the paparazzi were “hunting” Diana “like a pack”.

While the former GMB star appeared sympathetic towards the “People’s Princess”, he has shown less empathy for Harry’s wife.

This included his attempt to rubbish her claims about considering suicide and struggling with mental health after the couple’s interview with Oprah. 

During their tell-all, Harry admitted his biggest fear was “history repeating itself” – a remark he has made many times since their announcement to leave roles within the Firm last year. 

He referred to Diana’s death, which followed a car crash in Paris, alongside her partner Dodi Fayed and driver Henri Paul. 

It appeared that the couple was being pursued by the paparazzi when the tragic incident occurred.

Correspondence between Diana and Piers featured heavily in the former ITV star’s 2005 memoir The Insider: The Private Diaries From A Scandalous Decade.

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He described the Princess’s death as “the most dramatic, emotional and draining day of my career”. 

Piers admitted having “never seen anything like” the outpouring of grief following Diana’s death – “not even [for] Elvis [Presley] or [John] Lennon”. 

He noted she was the “biggest star of the modern world” and thought the extreme reaction to her passing – “sobbing in the street” – was “extraordinary”.

When he received a call from Lord Chamberlain “formally inviting” him – as the editor of the Daily Mirror – to Diana’s funeral, he was shocked.

Piers described there was a “firm decision to invite the editors of every newspaper” and said he accepted because it seemed “churlish not to”.

Later, the star claimed he was asked not to attend the funeral, adding that the then editors of The Sun and The Daily Mail told him the same thing.

Piers wrote: “We’ve definitely been set up here.”

The following day, he claimed, “the broadsheets all ran with TABLOID EDITORS BANNED FROM FUNERAL”.

Watching on TV, Piers described feeling a “weird empathy” with Earl Spencer – Diana’s brother – as he made his now-famous speech at the funeral. 

He explained: “I just sat crying in the chair, totally and physically exhausted…

“I have never reacted to any story like this, but then there has never been anyone in my professional life like Diana.

“I guess part of my distress is also to do with the fact that there never will be again.”

Piers admitted finding her passing “terribly upsetting” like the “millions of others” in the country “and around the world”. 

Piers Morgan’s The Insider: The Private Diaries Of A Scandalous Decade was published by Ebury Press in 2005 and is available here. 

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