Open Post: Hosted By Your New Favorite UPS Delivery Man

Open Post: Hosted By Your New Favorite UPS Delivery Man

In my neighborhood the UPS drivers will do one of two things: throw your package out of the truck and hope it lands at the right house, or leave that shit on the porch and not alert you of it because they don’t give a fuck. Either way, they ain’t dancing like this Indiana-based UPS delivery man, who busted out some sweet moves for a doorbell camera and has now become one of my new favorite things.

The home’s owner Bethany Auth caught Disco Dan the Delivery Man popping it on her porch. Sure, that’s not exactly what she ordered but at least he wasn’t twerking. In an interview with KUTV2, she said “My phone alerted me someone was at our door. I opened the notification to him dancing. I knew I had to share it. Brought a smile to our face during a stressful time of year.”

The clip is short, but I gotta admit that it’s cute as hell watching Pop Pop copy Drake’s “In My Feelings” moves.

The people in Indiana are so lucky they have this guy around to give them their packages the right way AND entertain them with a little show as well. The only show UPS ever gives me is called The Guessing Game because I gotta guess if my shit is coming on time or if it will be in one piece.

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