Open Post: Hosted By Bean Burritos Ruling 2018

Open Post: Hosted By Bean Burritos Ruling 2018

Avocado toast can go eff itself back to the millennials! The bean burrito was on everyone’s list of the biggest food crazes for 2018. CNET reports that the bean burrito ranked #1 on Grubhub’s list of the year’s most popular foods. The snobbery that voted on this obviously didn’t put Burger King’s Big Bacon King in their maw this foodie season. That sandwich is gross enough to make you want to go on one of those cayenne pepper and lemon fasts afterward so your stomach gets its original shape back. Delicious!

According to Grubhub’s Year in Food report, out Thursday, bean burritos topped the list of 2018’s favorite foods, experiencing a 276 percent boost in popularity over 2017. Coming in below the venerable burrito were poke, chicken sliders, baby back pork ribs and chicken burritos, to name a few.

276%! Are they made with a new kind of bean? Because who the hell orders a burrito with no meat in it? Answer: the people who aren’t going to die at 47 missing the gift of sight and several of their toes. So? Who needs toes and eyes! We’ve got support dogs now!

And hearkening back to my bitchy wish for the millennials, avocado toast didn’t even MAKE the list this year. So you people can stop putting pics of your brunch plates containing that ridiculous food item on IG now. And someone ban #avocadotoast as a hashtag like they’re banning porn on Tumblr.

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