Offset’s alleged mistress releases emotional song about him

Offset’s alleged mistress releases emotional song about him

The woman at the center of Cardi B and Offset’s split is planning to release an emotional song about the Migos rapper.

Summer Bunni, who already issued a tearful apology to Cardi for having an affair with her now-estranged husband, told The Blast she wrote the track, titled “Don’t Matter,” over the summer when she was experiencing “mixed feelings” about Offset.

“I just wanted to write about how I felt at the time,” 20-year-old Bunni told the outlet, adding that she felt emotionally neglected during the affair. She provided The Blast with a preview of the song.

She said she didn’t play the song for Offset but did inform him of its existence.

“I’m sick of you, I guess my feelings don’t matter,” the track begins, before adding that Offset may have been dishonest. “You didn’t mean it huh / What you say / You stay lying n—a straight to my face.”

Other lyrics, however, indicate that Bunni might have been rooting for her relationship with him to work out.

“F–k the gossip f–k the tea / I’m the one that you really need,” she raps.

In her apology video, Bunni hoped Cardi and Offset could figure out their marriage.

“I have not spoken to Cardi B, but I would like her to know that I’m a very genuine person, and I’m not here to break up her family or mess up what she has going on with her husband,” she said.

“I’m very sorry that this has happened, and I’m very sorry that I didn’t think [of] my worth as a young lady, and I just hope that she can overcome this and I know that her and Offset do actually have love for each other,” Bunni continued. “I can tell. I hope with this she can actually just focus on her love for Offset.”

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