Octomom Says Not To Call Her That Anymore

Octomom Says Not To Call Her That Anymore

Octomom is dead and Nadya Suleman killed her. RIP to that crazy, drug addicted, welfare cheat who stripped and fapped her way to a buck with which to feed her 14 children. She’s not playing that character anymore. Say goodbye to that train wreck, and meet Nadya, a raw vegan exercise addict who’s writing a book that she hopes will set the record straight. Somehow, Nadya got the New York Times to do a profile on her where she claims she was “the classic victim” of the media who created the Octomom “caricature”, and of a shady doctor who tricked her into carrying 8 babies at once. What, did you think it was all because she was off her rocker? Shame on you!

In case you’ve forgotten your Octomom lore, Nadya already had 6 kids via in vitro fertilization when her fertility specialist, Dr. Michael Kamrava (who has since lost his license and fled the country), implanted her with 12 embryos in 2008. Nadya says she was pressured into it while she was “strapped to a gurney and under the influence of heavy narcotics” and didn’t even know how many babies she was pregnant with. Over the next several years, she pimped herself and her kids out to the tabloids, collected welfare despite having a well paying job, did some porn, was a stripper for a minute, and went to rehab for a second. But those days are behind her. Nadya now works full time as a counselor. And gets government assistance. And does “international photo shoots”. See, she’s totally different now that she’s not playing the Octomom character the media wrote for her.

Nadya’s octuplets are now 9-years old and still alive despite the fact that they are raw vegans and their mom “perceives pharmaceuticals to be poison”. They are vaccinated, but they don’t get flu shots (and Nadya says they never get sick because of their healthy diet). Nadya, “The Eight”, and their 6 siblings all live together in a 3-bedroom townhouse in Orange County, CA. They have to eat in shifts and some of the kids have to sleep on couches. She is very open and her kids know everything about her past.

Even though everybody is very healthy, Nadya’s body is a mess. The delightfully shady reporter wrote “Sipping alkaline water and crouching at the foot of the table, she listed her ailments with a kind of pride”. Those ailments are a “broken back”, ruptured discs, “bilateral sciatica”, “sacral damage”, “peripheral neuropathy”, migraines, endometriosis, and she can’t feel her toes on one side. Instead of treating her ailments with poisonous drugs, she prays and does 40 miles a week on the stairmaster.

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I would like to share about how I cope with inordinate stress, after being asked how I stay sane lol. Throughout my life I’ve opted on a physical outlet to constructively channel stress, anger, anxiety etc. Since age 17, I would go to the gym, climb on the stairmaster, and push 99 (highest it would go), no music (I’ve graduated to a tiny iPod that my son has to download music onto as I’ve been stuck in 1995 for over 20 years ?), climbing approximately 10 miles, my mind pushing my body to press on, despite pain or exhaustion. The stress literally drips off of me, as I’m drenched in the end. Being physical has significantly helped me cope with so many challenges I’ve struggled with throughout my life. How many of you can relate ??‍♀️? I’m sure many of you have faced your own challenges and cope differently; and as long as it’s a healthy form of coping always carve out time to incorporate it into your life. The following are some of the challenges I’ve coped with throughout my life: 1. Social phobia, specifically agoraphobia, since my youth. My social anxiety significantly exacerbated subsequent to being catapulted into the public eye a decade ago, and turned into a parody without permission. The real me is a non social, introverted loner. Now I am a loner with 14 kids ?. 2. Another obvious stressor is being a single mom to 14 wonderful kids, who I have raised single handedly; one of which is a 13 year old disabled, severely autistic son, who is a baby in his mind, requiring my total care and supervision. 3. As a direct physical repercussion of carrying an octuplet pregnancy to nearly 8 months (I am aware that is not human), my ribs, and lumbar spine were broken. Most of the discs in my lumbar spine are ruptured, pressing on nerve roots causing bilateral sciatica; I sustained severe sacral damage, and have peripheral neuropathy. Despite these few challenges (among others I have no room to share), I count my blessings daily for my abilities (mental stamina, strength, and endurance), rather than focusing on disabilities. #PleaseExcuseThePoorQualityPicture #IAmBlessed #MentalStrength #StayStrongMoms #NeverGiveUp #GymIsBetterThanJail ?

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And it wasn’t her fault she got into porn.

“I wanted to quit, but my manager said, ‘If you do, I’m reporting you to welfare for fraud.’ I gave my bank account to her to control because I was so overwhelmed and busy managing my family. Checks that were forged — minimum $60,000 was stolen in six months. And she was selling stories left and right. She was a predator.”

Nadya avoids going out in public with the entire family because of her crippling social anxiety. They are all homebodys. Everyone’s usually in bed by 8:30, but Saturday is “family fun night” where they cut loose and eat vegan junk food and watch TV.

Vegan tacos. If that’s not child abuse, I don’t know what is.

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