‘No one allowed to judge’ Jeremy Clarkson launches blistering attack on ‘snowflakes’

‘No one allowed to judge’ Jeremy Clarkson launches blistering attack on ‘snowflakes’

Gogglebox: Celebs react to Jeremy Clarkson’s comments

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Jeremy Clarkson, 61, has once again called out cancel culture in a new attack. The outspoken broadcaster weighed in following the controversy around tennis player Emma Raducanu’s retirement during her Wimbledon match earlier this week.

Jeremy doesn’t shy away from airing his feelings about “woke culture”.

Now The Grand Tour presenter has shared his latest thoughts as he claimed, “No one is allowed to judge anymore”.

The petrolhead penned a sarcastic column for The Sun this week all about the “woke generation with snowflake sensibilities”.

The tongue-in-cheek piece invited viewers to imagine themselves as 18-year-olds in today’s culture.

He wrote: “Then you weaponise the concept of offence, so if your boss tells you to do something, like turn up, and you don’t want to, you can just say he ‘offended’ you and sue him.

“And you will win because in this brave new world, no one is allowed to judge anyone. Not even judges.”

Jeremy then weighed in on Emma’s exit from Wimbledon this week.

The tennis star retired from her clash with Ajla Tomljanovic after “breathing difficulties”.

The British wildcard had stormed through to the fourth-round match before saying the occasion “got too much”.

She has since released a statement thanking her fans for their support after she finished her match due to medical advice.

Jeremy is among several outspoken commentators who have weighed in with their own opinions, like John McEnroe and Piers Morgan.

The former Top Gear presenter said: “There was a time when you had to be good at something to succeed but now if you’re playing, say, a game of tennis, and you’re losing, you can simply jack it in.

“And you can still expect everyone to support you and pat you on the back and say how brave you were for capitulating.”

However, despite some criticism the young tennis player received, plenty of prolific sports stars have defended her decision.

England player Marcus Rashford was among them, as he revealed he’d experienced the same thing.

He tweeted: “It happened to me playing for the national team in U16s against Wales. I remember it to this day.

“No explanation for it and it never happened again. You should be very proud of yourself.

“The country is proud of you. Glad to read your feeling better. Onwards and upwards.”

Emma replied to the sporting legend: “Thanks so much for the kind words, this message means a lot to me. I’ll keep building and be back stronger!”

Elsewhere, former World Number One Sir Andy Murray was drawn into defending her against Piers.

Following his criticism, Andy penned to him: “Think this is a very harsh take on the situation Piers.”

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