Nick Cannon Will Temporarily Replace Wendy Williams On Her Show

Nick Cannon Will Temporarily Replace Wendy Williams On Her Show

Page Six is reporting that The Wendy Williams Show has a temporary new host because of Wendy Williams‘ extended break from filming. Wendy has been away from her show all month and it doesn’t look like anyone at her network thinks she’ll be back again soon because they’ve kept the ball rolling with a plethora of guest hosts, the newest of which is Norma Desmond’s long-lost grandson Nick Cannon.

Before the New Year, Wendy was busting open bones in her arm, and getting dizzy from medication, and her friends were worried and she was shouting at Whoopi Goldberg‘s ghost, AND rumors were swirling her husband is expecting a secret love child with his side piece. So she decided her New Year’s resolution was to hide.

Earlier this month, a source told Page Six that the people working at The Wendy Williams Show are hopeful she gets back soon because they all need checks and they don’t want to have to go beg for work over at The Steve Wilkos Show:

“Staff at [Williams’] show are eager to get back to work. We are all hoping she is well. The mood at the set is good … We just want Wendy to get better.”

Well she isn’t better yet, still recovering from her fractured shoulder and dealing with symptoms from her Graves’ disease and fighting with ghosts who need to move on to the other realm.

Meanwhile, Nick is the next guest-host up to bat and will be hosting the show on February 4th, 5th and 6th, continuing Wendy’s signature segment: “Hot Topics.” Although it should really be called: “Saying The Shadiest Thing Possible About Celebrities I Hate And Have Met At Least Once.”

This isn’t great, because Nick is only interesting on the show if Wendy’s there to ask him about his “Oops” baby. He quit America’s Got Talent over his “dignity” and “integrity”: clearly that is not the kind of person we need hosting Wendy’s show as they have someone checking dignity and integrity at the door when people enter the building. You need someone more on brand. More crazy. More self-obsessed. Tyra Banks! She took your job once and she needs to take it again.

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