Nick Cannon Slams Travis Scott For ‘Procreating’ With Kylie Jenner & Performing At The Super

Nick Cannon Slams Travis Scott For ‘Procreating’ With Kylie Jenner & Performing At The Super

Someone please let us know when Nick Cannon became the authority on who and what is “for the people”?

The Wild N Out host recently got a few things off of his chest about Travis Scott‘s decision to perform at the Super Bowl LIII halftime show next month, along with Atlanta rapper Big Boi.

As you know, there’s been a ton of controversy surrounding the lineup, considering that major acts once considered — like Cardi B — declined to perform, in line with their solidarity with former NFL player Colin Kaepernick.

Appearing on an upcoming episode of one of BET‘s new shows Raq Rants, Cannon basically calls Travis (and only Travis) a sell out for performing at the halftime show. But Nick takes it a step further, explaining that Scott’s decision to “procreate” with Kylie Jenner is proof that the Stargazing rapper has made moves “not for the people.”

The comedian candidly states his stance on the whole situation, telling show host Raquel Harper:

I’m team Kaepernick all day… To me, I call it cultural equity. So we’re not mad at Big Boi for being on the Super Bowl — he’s for the people. But someone like Travis Scott, he’s got to walk gingerly.’”

When Harper pushed for clarification from the 38-year-old, he let it be know that he wasn’t a fan of the rappers relationship with the KUWTK star:

“It’s more about truly having integrity to who you are in your music, your art form, the people you choose to interact with, the people you choose to procreate with. That decision wasn’t for the culture, but we’re not mad at you!”

Um, okay then…

We get it if maybe you’re not a fan of Travis’ decision to perform for an organization that has been nothing short of controversial in the last few years. But to drag someone’s partner and child into the mix is tasteless, no?

What does that have to do with the argument? Well…

When the host aptly points out that Nick has dated white women in the past too, he quickly responds with:

“I love white women, let’s set the record straight. But that’s the thing, it’s cultural equity at the end of the day.”

As we stated, Cannon’s beef seems to just be with Travis, and not with Big Boi. Or with any of the other black performers that evening including Chloe x Halle and Gladys Knight who are also slated to perform at the show. So this definitely sounds like more of a personal attack than one based on “integrity” or what’s best “for the people.”

What do U guys think of Nick’s take?

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