‘My legs aren’t right’ Olly Murs, 37, gives health update as he shares his latest injury

‘My legs aren’t right’ Olly Murs, 37, gives health update as he shares his latest injury

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Olly Murs, 37, has been no stranger to issues with his legs after suffering a spate of injuries. Now the singer has admitted he’s still suffering with them as he shares his latest issue.

Olly has opened up about his desire to join Strictly Come Dancing.

The former X Factor star admitted it became a dream of his after he saw Caroline Flack on the show.

Speaking in a recent interview, he said he’d happily sign up right now.

Although, he admitted his injuries have been holding him back.

He said: “If my knee was 100 per cent then I would but right now I’d say no because my legs aren’t right.

“I’ve got a stressed fracture in my shin.”

Olly went on to tell the Mail Online how he thinks he has a shot at winning.

He added: “I definitely think I’ve got what it takes.

“But right now, my knee is telling me ‘Olly, you haven’t got what it takes.’”

Back in August, Olly shared how he’d been rushed to hospital after injuring his leg on stage.

He posted on his Instagram page following the incident at one of his gigs.

The Voice coach admitted a bit of bone had lodged itself in his knee after a vigorous jump.

As a result, chart-topper Olly had to undergo surgery on his leg.

He said: “Why is Olly in the hospital bed? I’ve just had surgery on my left leg.

“For some of you who came to my Newmarket gig on Friday, thank you for your kind messages of support and just checking it was OK.

“It has been a mad 72 hours since the gig getting to this point.

“Basically after my second song, a fragment of bone that was in my knee managed, after I jumped, to lodge itself on the back of my knee which basically shut my leg down.”

Olly went on to add: “It’s been a mad 72 hours. I honestly thought the worst, I thought I might have done my knee again.

“I thought I had ruptured my ACL to be honest. This is great news, it really is positive.”

Olly had previously had to undergo another procedure after tearing his ACL in 2019.

The singer has been on the mend following his latest injury and has been back performing.

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