Miami Preschool Put 2-Year-Olds in Blackface for Black History Month

Miami Preschool Put 2-Year-Olds in Blackface for Black History Month

A preschool in Miami is under fire for intentionally putting blackface on some students … a move staffers proudly touted as a way to celebrate Black History Month.

Parents found out on Feb. 3 what was happening at Studio Kids Little River — which has a preschool and daycare facilities. One parent, Courtney Politis, who had 2 kids at Studio, tells TMZ she was made aware of the incident by another concerned mom.

She says pictures of at least 2 toddlers in blackface were posted by a teacher on the school’s internal app. As you can imagine, those pics started circulating, showing 2-year-olds dressed in police and construction worker costumes, with dark makeup plastered on their faces.

Politis says she brought this up to the preschool’s director, Patricia Vitale, to express her outrage … but claims Vitale downplayed the racist nature of it, asking why it was a big deal.

However, afterward, Vitale sent a letter to all the parents of the preschool … writing in part, “We have not intended to offend anyone, and we’re very sorry about any inconvenience.”

A few days later, Vitale sent another message that was a little more serious. The letter read, “We wanted to let all the parents know that we met on Friday afternoon with all the teachers and staff. We went over several ethical and multicultural education points. I will teach the team a class covering all the necessary topics regarding US history and multicultural education.” She added, “[Y]ou may rest assured this will never happen again.”

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Politis tells us that, as far as she knows, the teacher who did this didn’t face any real repercussions beyond a possible talking-to. Although, she’s not calling for the teacher to be fired … she does want there to be some discipline to show this just wasn’t right.

Now, as for whether this is part of a larger political issue in FL — involving Gov. Ron DeSantis’ opposition to “woke-ness” — Politis says she doesn’t necessarily see a direct tie there … instead, she points to the fact the people who run the school are Argentinian.

She suspects it was some sort of cultural misunderstanding, though it’s hard to understand what the goal was of the heinous exercise.

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