Meg Thee Stallion Fans Have GOP Pundit Fearing for Her Life

Meg Thee Stallion Fans Have GOP Pundit Fearing for Her Life

Meg Thee Stallion‘s new music video ridicules, harasses and runs over a politician — and it also has GOP politician DeAnna Lorraine feeling like there’s a target on her back.

Lorraine, a former California candidate for the U.S. House, tells TMZ … she thinks MTS is potentially referring to her in the new “Thot S**t” music video, which Meg dropped last week.

Lorraine says she feels that way given their past beef — and because the video is all about Meg getting revenge on a conservative politician who trashes her and her music.

That sounds really familiar to Lorraine, who you’ll recall slammed MTS and Cardi B by tweeting they had “set the entire female gender back by 100 years with their disgusting & vile ‘WAP’ song.”

Lorraine says MTS fans came after her, flooding her phone with thousands of texts, calls, emails and IG messages … some even threatening to kill her.

She provided some of the messages, which include alleged threats to roll up to her house, and reference the “Thot S**t” video taking aim at a politician. Other messages call out Lorraine’s hypocrisy for saying zilch when white artists — like Miley Cyrus — sexualize their songs … without any conservative backlash.

Lorraine — who praised the Kenosha shooter last September and was indefinitely suspended from Twitter for continually spreading misinformation — says it’s a shame MTS fans are blowing her up because she’s just “trying to help these people see that they can be more than just their ‘WAP.'”

Yes, she actually said, “these people.” Diplomacy … it ain’t for everyone.

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