Meek Mill Criticizes Baby Mama as She Continues Flaunting Pregnancy on Instagram

Meek Mill Criticizes Baby Mama as She Continues Flaunting Pregnancy on Instagram

As Milano continues flaunting her pregnancy on Instagram, the Philadelphia rapper expresses his frustrations as he watches someone close to him is trying to join the media ‘circus.’

AceShowbiz -It seems Meek Mill are really against girlfriend Milano Di Rouge flaunting her pregnancy on social media. As the expecting fashion designer continued showing off her baby bump on Instagram, the rapper wrote a cryptic message that seemingly criticized her recent posts that often saw her with a bulging stomach.

The Philadelphia rap star started his message by telling his followers that wealth and popularity were not always a good thing, “All this money and this fame kinda ruined me as a person…” He later alluded to the changes he saw in his baby mama, “I’m watching people that I love tryna be in the circus.. a billy coming it’s gone ‘b’ even worster.”

Meek Mill posts a cryptic tweet

People were convinced the words “billy” and “b” on his post referred to his baby. “He’s referencing to a billy goat, the baby of a goat. He’s calling himself a goat & since he’s having a baby with Milano…there’s a billy on the way,” one explained. “Also, offsprings of goats are also called ‘kids’ like how we call are children kids. ‘A goat kid.’ “

Meanwhile, many others focused on his grammatical errors and trolled him with hilarious comments and memes over the word “worster” in his post. One commented, “Meek Said Worster, So It’s Worster.” Another quickly replied, “Periodddddddddd.” One other wrote, “At least we know it’s him tweeting.”

Milano hasn’t responded to any of his recent tweets which often alluded to his displeasure towards her for parading their unborn baby. She seemed unbothered by the ruckus and even hinted at blocking the noise. “Control how you respond to things sent to destroy your peace,” she captioned one of her recent pictures.

Milano debuted her baby bump at her fashion show before Christmas. Shortly after the news made its round on the internet, Meek Mill deactivated his IG and posted on Twitter a picture of flowers being thrown into a trash can. No explanation was given, but many speculated that the bouquet might have been sent as a congratulation for the baby and he was annoyed because he wanted to keep it private.

The mom-to-be later defended herself for announcing her pregnancy at such a public setting. Insisting it was never her intention to make headlines on gossip blogs, she explained that she only “wanted to create a moment that [she] could cherish and remember forever.”

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