Mary Wilson Says Supremes Reunion ‘Up To Diana Ross’

A reunion by The Supreme is up to former lead singer Diana Ross, says Mary Wilson.

When asked about a potential reunion in a recent interview, Wilson replied, “Well, let’s put it this way: It’s really up to Diana. I don’t think she wants to do that. It doesn’t make sense unless you come together lovingly.”

“So therefore I’m going on with my life. I look at it like this, especially with this pandemic: Who knows when the end may come. And at 76 and a half years old I’m not going to sit around waiting for something. As my mother used to say, don’t cry over spilled milk. I have too much to live for now and be happy about,” she told the Hollywood Reporter.

Wilson recalled that there were attempts for a reunion with Ross in 2000 that did not materialize.

“What happened was the negotiations fell through when they came to me and they didn’t want to pay me properly as being one of the founding members. And so they got some of the other girls that I had used in the ’70s to be a part of that. But it wasn’t a reunion,” the founding member of the Supremes explained.

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