Martin Roberts: Homes Under The Hammer host on why some properties really ‘bother’ him

Martin Roberts: Homes Under The Hammer host on why some properties really ‘bother’ him

Martin Roberts reveals 'weirdest find' in an auction property

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Martin Roberts, 57, has seen a lot during his 18 years at the helm of Homes Under The Hammer and he’s used to coming across all sorts, from used needles to dodgy flooring. But the property expert admitted there’s one thing he can’t stand about a house, and that’s if it smells.

I’m not bothered by mess, but I’m bothered by smell

Martin Roberts

If the property is in a right mess, he isn’t bothered.

Instead, it’s the smell of a place that really grinds his gears, especially if it’s a bad one.

During his latest Twitter Q&A, Martin admitted he’s seen some pretty grimy houses over the years and revealed what it is about them that turns his nose up – quite literally.

One fan asked: “What’s the worst property you’ve ever visited, you go through the door and it’s like no way josè?”

It didn’t take the presenter long to reply, penning from past experiences: “Probably ones that have had dogs left inside for a long time.

“I’m not bothered by mess, but I’m bothered by smell.”

His tolerance of mess was confirmed in a separate tweet, after another viewer wondered whether he was an “untidy person” or an “everything has its place” kind of person in his own home.

Martin giggled: “Oh, total chaos!”

Fans know that there is little that would shock the BBC star by what’s hidden inside dishevelled establishments, but there was one incident that remains engrained on Martin brain.

Once when they were filming, they arrived at the property in question to find a man sleeping inside.

Speaking recently about the “strangest things” he’s ever found on the show, the host recalled how he and the camera team turned up at what looked to be a vacant house, but the director soon discovered there was an occupant living inside.

At first, Martin revealed they thought the individual was “dead” and asked him to take a look in the bedroom to see if they might be wrong.

“So gingerly, we all went in and in the bedroom, there’s this bed and obviously a body in it and we’re going, ‘Well that’s a first!'” he laughed.

“Then it started snoring so we kind of prodded this body and it sat up in bed and it was this old gentleman whose family had left the house in such a rush that they’d forgotten to take granddad with them!”

Martin chuckled as he continued: “They grabbed all their belongings and bundled them into a car but forgot about granddad.

“He woke up in this bed wondering where his family were, surrounded by a film crew going, ‘Well actually, the house has been sold.’”

Discussing his reaction, the property expert explained it was the “weirdest” find he’d ever come across during his 18 years on the show.

Again, he stated it would be “hard” to top finding a man sleeping in a vacant property so the unseen moment would certainly go down in history.

Homes Under The Hammer airs weekdays at 10am on BBC One.

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