Love Island’s Montel shares real reason behind Leah split two weeks after leaving villa

Love Island’s Montel shares real reason behind Leah split two weeks after leaving villa

In the world of reality TV, drama often follows contestants even after the cameras stop rolling. Love Island stars Montel McKenzie and Leah Taylor found themselves amidst a swirl of rumours and speculation regarding their post-show relationship status.

The couple, who had their fair share of ups and downs during their time on the show, faced rumours of cheating just two weeks after leaving the villa together. In response to a TikTok comment about their split, Leah wrote: “Yes I forgave once in the villa and was ready to move on from it but I don’t forgive twice.”

Montel has now taken to TikTok to set the record straight and provide clarity on what truly transpired between them.

He began: "I've seen my name circulating in the media a bit, a bit of bad press, a bit of rumours being spread. I thought I'd come here and address everything. First of all, they are just rumours,"

He vehemently denied any claims of infidelity, asserting: "I would never do that."

Montel then delved into the event that sparked the rumours. Following their time on Love Island, Montel and some of his fellow Islanders attended an event that featured participants from various seasons, including theirs. However, Leah was in Manchester at the time.

Explaining the situation, Montel stated: "Obviously after what happened in Casa, the pictures came out and Leah wasn't happy with the position of the pictures where people were posted."

The crux of the issue seemed to revolve around a particular photograph that captured Montel alongside Islanders Andre, Elom, Kodie, Gabby, and Tink. The image showed Tink and Gabby crouching down, with Tink positioned in front of Montel.

Elaborating further, Montel shared: "She [Leah] wasn't happy with how people were positioned in the picture, she said it made her feel a type of way, she was unhappy, it made her feel stupid which I do understand."

Montel clarified that from his perspective, the picture was taken innocently, capturing a casual moment with friends. His intention was not to upset Leah or spark any controversy. He stressed that there was no inappropriate behaviour or communication with anyone else during the event.

As he concluded his TikTok video, Montel made it clear that his priority was to address the rumours and misconceptions head-on, adding: “I get it. For me I was just out having a good time, we took a picture, I was with my boys and we were all just chilling and we moved on with the night.

“Anyone who was at the event can confirm nothing happened. I didn’t do anything, didn’t sleep with anyone, wasn’t DMing anyone. I just wanted to be with her at the time.”

Speaking exclusively to OK! Leah previously shared her reasons for the split. She revealed: "We were coupled up while on the show and it was quite a new couple as well, so it's not like we had as much time as the other people in there.

"So we had always said the next step for us was seeing how things work in the real world.

"And coming out we went on one date but it's just one of those, it hasn't worked out."

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