Love Island’s Jack Fincham admits its hard to trust people

Love Island’s Jack Fincham admits its hard to trust people

The nation fell in love with him during this year’s run of Love Island and, when Jack Fincham arrives at our Christmas photo shoot, it’s not hard to see why. As soon as Jack, 27, walks in, he’s talking a mile a minute about what he’s been up to and updating the team on his French bulldog puppy Sandy.

Aside from being a new ‘dad’ to Sandy, it’s fair to say Jack’s had his hands full. As Now went to press, his girlfriend Dani Dyer announced their split – just six months after they met on the ITV2 show. But, tellingly, during our shoot he reveals, ‘If Dani and I have an argument, 10 minutes later we’re laughing together!’
And, as well as his rocky relationship, the former stationery salesman has been busy with his two businesses. Fincham London sees Jack return to his roots with a line of luxury pens, while Rey is a 90s-inspired clothing brand.

In his time in the LI villa, viewers praised Jack for the fact he doesn’t have a six-pack. And it’s clear spreading body confidence is important as he slips into festive boxers for the shoot. When asked how he’s feeling, he shrugs and says, ‘I’m fine, I’m feeling good. Let’s do this!’

Hi, Jack! How will you 
be spending your 
Christmas this year?

It’ll be my nan, my granddad, my mum, my stepdad, his mum because she lives next door, my brother, my sister… the whole family. There’s always loads of food and drink. At some point after dinner we’ll get everyone together to watch a film, 
then my nan and granddad 
go to bed first. Me and my brother will stay up drinking, last year we watched the Peaky Blinders box set.

Do you like giving presents?

I love buying for my nine-year-old sister, especially, and watching her open presents. I’m like a kid, going, ‘Open my ones first!’

Will you spoil your family with the money you’ve 
made since Love Island?

Of course. They support me through everything and they are always there for me so I’m going to make sure they’re well looked after this Christmas.

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What are you getting Sandy?

Sandy is getting the world! She’s getting a stocking with her name on it, I’ve just discovered dog mince pies so she’ll be having them, and I want us to have matching Christmas jumpers!

What’s the worst present you’ve ever received?

There have been times where I’ve been given awful aftershaves that nobody in their right mind would wear unless they wanted to clear a room! It’s only 
been bought because the 
box looks nice, and then 
you end up with a collection 
of terrible aftershaves.

What would you like to 
find under the Christmas 
tree this year?

If Santa’s reading this, I’d like some trainers, you can never have enough. And clothes! 
I know it’s materialistic but that’s what I like.
You’ve split up with Dani, and before that 
there were 
a lot of rumours about you two being on the 
rocks. How did that make you feel?
Dani and I got 
on so well, but 
people wanted 
us to fail.

You’re stripping 
off for our festive photo shoot today – are you body confident?

I am. I’m not your typical eight-pack 
guy and I’ve not got muscles on my biceps. But I think it’s important to show you don’t need to look a certain way to do a shoot like this. Sexy comes 
in all shapes and sizes!

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Apart from the obvious, how would you say that your life different now to how it was this time last year?

This time last year I was 
trying to make as many sales 
as possible at work, because 
you want more in your December pay to go and get good presents and party for the whole month. I would have 
still been asking everyone 
what they wanted for 
Christmas and writing it 
all on my iPhone notes.

Do you think people 
are surprised you’re focusing on your new businesses rather than just plugging stuff on Instagram?

I do think a lot of people 
thought I’d go down the teeth-whitening route or 
do PA after PA after PA. 
But I want to have a bit of longevity and I want people 
to say, ‘He’s the one who 
makes nice clothes,’ or, ‘He’s 
got that really good pen company.’ I don’t want people 
to just say, ‘He was on Love Island a couple of years ago.’

Why is that so important 
to you?

I don’t want people to lose 
faith in me because then, 
when I’m working on something I genuinely 
believe in, they’ll just think 
that it’s another thing 
I’m promoting.

Is there anything at all 
you’ve read about yourself that’s really annoyed you?

One thing I do want to clear up 
is all the comments I got for buying Sandy, with people telling me, ‘Adopt, don’t shop.’ My family has always rescued dogs and the last three that my mum’s had, I rescued personally. I was on a night out once and 
I went home early because 
I found a dog and I wanted 
to take it home and call 
someone to get it. My mum 
said, ‘Most 19-year-olds bring home a girl, you brought 
home a Rottweiler.’ This is 
the first time I’ve brought 
up a dog from a puppy – 
before this, we’ve always 
had rescue dogs.

Is being famous everything that you thought it would be? Or is it better or worse?

I didn’t know what fame 
would be like. I honestly thought I’d be on Love Island 
for a week, come out, a few people would recognise me, some companies would 
pay me to post stuff on Instagram and then that 
would have been it. I thought 
I was going to go back to 
work the week after we 
came off. I asked my boss 
what time he wanted me back in! He said, ‘Mate, you’re not going to be coming back.’

Seeing as you are now 
in the public eye, do 
you find it harder to trust people as a result?

Yeah, massively. It’s a scary thought because I’m always really open and I’ll chat 
to anyone and let them 
know how I’m feeling. 
But now I wonder if I 
can tell someone about 
how I’m feeling because 
of what they might do 
with that information.

Now that you’ve set 
up Fincham London 
and Rey, what other ambitions do you have 
left to fulfil?

It would be my dream, 
when I’m older, to present 
a nature show. Sir David Attenborough is one of my biggest idols – sometimes I’ll have him on in the background at home just to relax! I’d like to think that in 40 years’ time 
I could be the next David Attenborough – I’ve got the passion and I’d love it more 
than anything.

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