Love Island’s Amber Turner ‘cracks tooth in half’ after eating ‘famous’ chocolate bar

Love Island’s Amber Turner ‘cracks tooth in half’ after eating ‘famous’ chocolate bar

Former Love Island star Amber Turner has revealed that she has "cracked" her tooth in half after eating a "famous" chocolate bar. The 29 year old said that she was heading to the dentist for a new crown to be fitted after the disaster.

Speaking to the camera in her car before the appointment Amber told her followers: "I'm heading to the dentist today, I'm going to the Tooth Club in Lowton. They have dentists all over and they have the cutest dentists ever, they are pink and Instagramable."

She continued: "A little while ago I ate a chocolate bar, I'm not going to name names because it's a very famous chocolate bar." Amber also added that she was going to get a new crown fitted on her cracked tooth, completing the repair.

Amber shared arrival at the dentist in Lowton as she arrived for the appointment on Wednesday morning, 7 June. Just a few hours later the influencer then shared a boomerang on her Instagram story, showing off her fixed up shiny white teeth following her visit.

The Tooth Club, where Amber went, has five different locations up and down the country, and often attracts famous faces who need some dental work. Recently former Love Island star Coco Lodge was seen at the dentist as she had her smile transformed.

In 2018, just one year after appearing on Love Island, Amber jetted off to Turkey for some dental treatment. Out in Turkey Amber was fitted with 20 max laminate veneers, to whiten her smile and fix her middle teeth as they were not as straight as she wanted them to be.

At the time Amber said: "So in love with my new smile! Thank you @dental_centre_turkey I’ve had 20 emax laminate veneers.

"Yes my natural teeth were good, however I couldn't get them to the whiteness I wanted – Also my bottom middle teeth weren't as straight. I want them to look natural like my own teeth & they did amazing to design them!

"My teeth were only filed down a tiny bit – only a thin layer of the surface was taken. NOT filed down to spikes."

Since then Amber has spoken to OK! about her teeth, admitting that she had really sensitive teeth before she underwent the treatment. Amber told us: "For me, I had really sensitive teeth, and I couldn’t get them as white as I wanted them.

"Whereas, people could usually bleach them, I couldn’t really. I thought it would be the only thing I could do. The bottom of my teeth were slightly wonky, so I thought straighten them up."


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