Love Island’s Amber Gill slams stylists for damaging her hair

Love Island’s Amber Gill slams stylists for damaging her hair

Amber Gill has recalled feeling ‘disheartened’ after stylists, who didn’t know how to properly care for her curly afro hair, ended up damaging it. 

Love Island viewers became transfixed with Amber’s beautiful curls during her time in the villa and she was praised for sporting her natural hair throughout the 2019 series. 

However after leaving the dating show, the reality star’s hair was styled by various hairdressers who weren’t skilled in looking after afro textures. It became severely damaged and Amber’s been on a journey to bring it back to life since. 

Opening up about the lack of trained stylists for Afro-Caribbean hair in the entertainment industry, Amber told ‘It’s so disappointing. Within the industry, professionals seriously need to be honest with themselves about what their strong points are and their weak points are not just take a job because you’ve been trained in how to do it or you think you know. 

‘Let there be space for people who are actually specialists in afro and curly hair to shine on different projects.’ 

The 23-year-old admitted: ‘It was disheartening for me and it’s a lesson learnt now. At the time I was brand new to the industry and I didn’t know that was going to happen. So now I just use people who specialise in my kind of hair. 

‘Not even just hair, make-up artists, everyone needs to be 100% transparent with what their capabilities are and if you’re not trained in mixed race or Black skin or hair then you should pass it on.

‘You wouldn’t believe but it doesn’t happen in this industry.’ 

Amber, who has just launched her new fitness platform Amber Flexx, also detailed her weight loss journey after losing a stone in six weeks and revealed how the social media trolling about her body began to impact her mental health. 

She explained: ‘I think the impact that it had on me was what made me come to the crossroads where I just wanted to start training because I just wasn’t myself. 

‘Usually I’m quite a happy, positive person and I was just not really productive, not motivated or wanting to speak on my Instagram stories. 

‘It definitely did have an impact [on my mental health] and I think that’s what spurred me on to actually start exercising, not necessarily the weight but how I was feeling within myself.’ 

Amber Gill’s 6 Week Blast plan, including diet and workouts, is available online at Amber Flexx priced at £39.99 from January 4.

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