Love Island winner Jess Harding has belly tuck after ‘putting on weight’ in villa

Love Island winner Jess Harding has belly tuck after ‘putting on weight’ in villa

Love Island star Jess Harding has revealed she's had a 'belly tuck' after apparently putting on weight during her time in the villa.

After being crowned the winner with boyfriend Sammy Root – and winning £50k in the process – the 22-year-old took to Instagram to do a Q&A but left fans shocked with some answers.

When asked if she'd lost weight as she "looked fab", the reality star then announced that she'd gained a little while filming for the show.

She said: "No, I put weight on when I was in the villa. We were just eating and not moving around, just sitting in the sun."

And later, in a TikTok video, Jess showed viewers that she's since had a non-surgical "belly tuck" and even shared a behind-the-scenes clip of her undergoing the procedure.

In the footage Jess included before and after clips to show the difference the procedure can make.

Jess, who appeared delighted with the results, was also met with support of her fans who were quick to remind her she looked amazing before the 'belly tuck'.

One wrote, "Beautiful either way," while another commented, "You're so cool for being transparent about this."

A third said: "Obviously you look gorgeous before and after."

Jess' recent video follows OK!'s exclusive interview with her and Sammy right after they left the loved-up villa.

During our chat, the couple opened up on their journey on the show and how even thought they both made some mistakes they "trust each other."

“Since me and Jess have become boyfriend and girlfriend, the trust is just there," Sammy told us. "From that moment, we haven’t given each other any reason not to trust each other. We’re both happy we had a major roller-coaster and a lot of tests because it does prepare you for the outside world. It wasn’t easy, we made mistakes, but now we 100% trust each other.”

“We’re definitely a relatable couple,” Jess continued. “When young girls start seeing someone, most of the time they realise boys will be boys and they like to play around a bit. But you don’t realise what you have until it’s gone. We both went through situations where we lost each other a couple of times and it was hard.”

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