Lisa Rinna Throws Shade At ‘RHOBH’ Co-Star Lisa Vanderpump When Fan Asks ‘Where’s LVP?’

Lisa Rinna Throws Shade At ‘RHOBH’ Co-Star Lisa Vanderpump When Fan Asks ‘Where’s LVP?’

Sneaky diss! Amid rumors that Lisa Vanderpump hasn’t filmed with the ‘RHOBH’ ladies in weeks, Lisa Rinna had a theory as to where her co-star went. See the tweet, here.

Once again, Lisa Rinna, 55, took shots at Lisa Vanderpump’s lack of presence on set of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. Vanderpump has been mostly MIA from filming as the season gears up for Season 10, as sources have told us. Although you’ll see her face in the forthcoming season, she hasn’t shared screen time with her co-stars in quite some time…and Rinna claimed to know which set she’s reporting to instead. “Where’s LVP? Can’t get enough of her!” one fan tweeted to Rinna. The small screen star simply replied, “She’s on Vanderpump Rules. 😀.” The emoji…the shade. Well, Vanderpump was certainly not missing from the Season 7 trailer for Vanderpump Rules on Oct. 31, in which she’s even seen giving an inspirational speech at Jax and Brittany’s engagement party! The show just had its new season premiere on Dec. 3.

As we’ve said, this isn’t the first time Rinna has put her fellow namesake on blast. Wednesday’s tweet was relatively tame in comparison to her Instagram takedown in October! Under a Vanderpump-related post on @juicy_scoops, Rinna wrote on Oct. 22, “Why hasn’t Lvp filmed with us for over 6 weeks? I have no beef with her. Who does that? Who doesn’t show up to work?” One fan tried to defend the restaurant entrepreneur, suggesting she could be “grieving” her brother Mark, who died in April. But Rinna didn’t budge, writing, “I too lost my father while filming and I completely understand that everyone’s grieving process is just that their process. We have all reached out to her and we are all there for her. She has chosen to not film with us. I too lost my sister to an overdose. I have great empathy and I have been there. If you sign up to do a job you do it. No matter what. That’s show biz. I did it.”

At the time of the post, Vanderpump posted a throwback photo of her at a Los Angeles Dodgers game, while the rest of the cast was at Camille Grammer’s wedding in Hawaii…which LVP was invited to. Nearly two months later, and Vanderpump is still on the outskirts of the RHOBH circle. She even teased her future with the show, as she said in a Nov. 27 appearance on The View, “I don’t know yet, we’re going to see how this plays out.” However, she explained that it’s like saying “I’m invited to your Christmas party next year,” adding, “I have no idea if the show’s picked up.” So there’s still hope that she may not reduce her TV schedule to one Bravo show!

The diss arrived on our feeds after Rinna posted a lengthy tweet about RHOBH, which she has appeared on since Season 4. “Listen. What we do, is not that hard. We film for 4 months. We laugh, fight, we make up, whatever. We make a tv show. We are so blessed and so lucky to have a Job. For those who watch, Thank you!” Rinna tweeted on Dec. 5. In a follow-up message, she wrote, “I felt like that needed to be said. We aren’t curing cancer here. It’s a f***ing tv show. Ya know?!”

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