Linda Thompson Weighs In on Son Brody Jenner's Relationship with Josie Canseco (Exclusive)

Linda Thompson Weighs In on Son Brody Jenner's Relationship with Josie Canseco (Exclusive)

“Are you kidding me?” Thompson says when asked if she approves of her son dating the 22-year-old model.

Linda Thompson approves of her son’s new relationship.

Leaving Brody Jenner’s 36th birthday party at TAO in Los Angeles earlier this week, Thompson was asked if she approved of her reality star son’s new romance with 22-year-old model Josie Canseco, the daughter of former MLB player Jose Canseco and former model Jessica Canseco.

"Are you kidding me? Of course," Linda replied as she drove off. She also said Brody’s birthday dinner, which Josie attended, was "very nice."

As everyone with internet access knows, Brody recently split from his "wife," 30-year-old Kaitlynn Carter, who a week later was photographed in Italy making out with Miley Cyrus. The next day, Miley announced she and her husband, Liam Hemsworth, had separated.

Lots of social media jabs were exchanged among three of the four participants (Liam has remained relatively silent on the matter), but ultimately, Linda has nothing but love for Kaitlynn.

"The only people we have a right to judge are our own selves…how we react & respond to life’s vicissitudes, disappointments, failures & successes," Thompson captioned an inspirational quote about compassion, which she posted right after Kaitlyn and Miley’s kissing photos went viral. "May we strive to do so with grace, humility, temperance, understanding, compassion, kindness, forgiveness & love. If we simply begin with self improvement, humanity could benefit vastly."

Carter praised the post in the comments section, writing, "EXACTLY."

Thompson replied, "And for the record honey, the only ‘shade’ I throw is my own shadow walking away from drama. You know I love you. I always have & always will."

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