Lenny Kravitz Talked About His Ex Nicole Kidman – And Non-Ex Madonna

Lenny Kravitz Talked About His Ex Nicole Kidman – And Non-Ex Madonna

When I think of horny singers, naturally Lenny Kravitz and Madonna come to mind, so it’s only natural most of us figured those two humped on each other after working together on “Justify My Love” and even performing together live on MTV for “Ray Of Light.” Lenny has had an array of famous exes, including Lisa Bonet and Nicole Kidman, and he’s setting the record straight on how he is still friends with them all – even the ones he never dated.

Lenny was on Watch What Happens Live showing Anna Wintour how to master the inside sunglasses and bell bottoms lewk. A shit-stirring caller dialed in to ask about what it was like dating Nicole and how he felt since she and his daughter, Zoe Kravitz, did Big Little Lies together. Lenny said:

“And your name is? I thought it was very interesting that they ended up on the same show. And Zoe hadn’t seen Nicole since she was younger, and so it was beautiful that they got to know each other as adults and make this great show together. And that’s about it. Some things just don’t work, but the wonderful thing is that we’re all friends.”

Here’s how it went down:

Lenny may have pretended to be mad, but you can tell Nicole’s favorite (cough) person Andy Cohen and Gayle King sure AF were glad someone had the balls to ask that. Lenny also had to go and ruin the fun by saying he and Madge never bumped uglies. They just “have always been really good friends.” Eh, that make sense. Lenny’s 20 years too old for her anyway.

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