Kylie Jenner’s Shoe Closet Is as Massive as You Expected

Kylie Jenner’s Shoe Closet Is as Massive as You Expected

It’s official! Kylie Jenner’s shoe closet is bigger than my entire apartment.

Yesterday, the known fashion lover took to her Instagram story to share her unbelievable collection of shoes. From Gucci to Balenciaga to Bottega Veneta, Jenner proved that American excess can look sharp with some killer heels.

In the first photo, she wrote, “went shoe shopping today,” and flaunted her haul. The make-up executive modeled a pair of black Gucci Shea Crystal-Embellished Canvas and Neoprene Sandals (you know, the dad sandals that somehow made their chic sartorial debut earlier this year?), which cost $1,250. She posed next to two pairs of the same pointed heels–Balenciaga’s Knife Fringed Leather Pumps–with one in black and the other in white because why not when you can afford it?

Next, she gave us her best calf flex while donning a hot red, ballet-styled slip by Balenciaga. A cute golden anklet was also visible in this snap.

Jenner also modeled a pair of the Bottega Veneta Padded Flat Sandals, which retail for $690, next to her stylish collection of black heels.

Then, she gave us a brief and probably tiny glimpse into the rest of her entire shoe closet, captioning it, “I have a problem??”

This isn’t the first time Jenner took us inside her wardrobe. Earlier this month, she also showed off her incredible purse closet, which could just as easily be classified as a glorified sanctuary for handbags.

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