Kim Zolciak’s Lip Injections Shaded By Internet Trolls As Fans Come To Her Defense

Kim Zolciak’s Lip Injections Shaded By Internet Trolls As Fans Come To Her Defense

Kim Zolciak has stirred up quite the debate online after she posted two selfies with her lip injections looking larger than ever before! Fans slammed her for not having ‘symmetrical’ lips, while others jumped to her defense! Check out the reactions!

Kim Zolciak, 40, is stirring up some controversy online after she posted what some fans believe is her most shocking photo to date. Why? — The Don’t Be Tardy star posted two selfies on Instagram on December 16, showing off her plumper lips. Kim’s lip injections are no secret, as she’s admitted to cosmetically enhancing her pout in the past. However, this time, fans think she’s gone too far.

“What did you do? Girl you look ridiculous!!!”, one fan questioned in the comments section of Kim’s selfie. “Omg – horrible. Someone needs to tell you to stop,” another person wrote, adding that the reality star is “freaky” looking. More comments of concern continued to pour in, with one fan asking, “I’ve often wondered why women want to look like someone just punched them in the mouth?”, referring to Kim’s oversized lips.

Many fans wrote that her lips didn’t appear to be symmetrical in size. “Just awful!!! Nothing is real. They’re not even the same size. WHY would someone do that to themselves?” one fan wrote in a short tangent. However, there were the fans who were quick to defend Kim, telling the reality star that she’s beautiful despite her critics’ harsh opinions.

“I really wish people would stop making YOUR lip injections their business. You slay! Keep on,” one fan of Kim’s wrote in the comments. Another added, “yeah really Kim you look amazing”. More encouraging comments followed with many fans telling Kim to “keep doing you!” and “Never mind the negative people.”

This isn’t the first time Kim has come under fire for her lip injections. Back in August, she was trolled online after she posted a few selfies of herself and her 5-year-old daughter Kaia. While the post was meant to celebrate the start of Kaia’s Pre-K schooling, fans attacked Kim in the comments for her enhanced pout.

However, she was quick to shut down haters, writing that she “loves” her lips. Two weeks before that, Kim was forced to defended herself in the comments section of a selfie, after a follower stated that the look was her “nightmare.” Kim replied, “don’t worry sweetie you don’t stand a chance to be as beautiful as me.”

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