Khloe Kardashian Fires Back At Hater Claiming Chicago West Isn’t Kim’s Biological Child

Khloe Kardashian Fires Back At Hater Claiming Chicago West Isn’t Kim’s Biological Child

Khloe Kardashian is playing the ultimate family protector once again. She came after a hater who claimed that sister Kim is not the real mother of her daughter Chicago.

The Kardashian clan always rallies around each other if one of them is getting piled on by haters. Khloe, 34, is the most protective when it comes to her sisters and she schooled a fan who had the nerve to claim Kim is not the biological mother of her 11-month-old daughter Chicago, who arrived via surrogate in Jan. of 2018. The 38-year-old posted a throwback photo of herself as a child, with Kim in a swimsuit and wet hair. Sis Kylie Jenner, 21, commented “Omg Chicago,” about the resemblance and a user replied to her by writing,“would either look MORE like Kanye or the surrogate mother.” Enter Khloe to the rescue.

“If you don’t really know about someone’s situation then maybe you should not comment. Try informing yourself first before you make such silly statements doll. Your passive wanna be petty comment is simply uneducated. Chicago is completely Kimberly’s biological child. Praise the lord she was able to have a surrogate and that we are blessed with sweet gorgeous Chi Chi,” Koko wrote to the user.

“I am saying you must be more informed before speaking on something you know nothing about apparently. Chicago is Kimberly’s DNA. Her and her husband made embryos and then they were blessed enough to have a surrogate carry their child for them since Kimberly is unable to. God bless modern medicine,” Khloe continued. Her explanation was so well put that the user apologized for her comment, saying there were “there were things” she didn’t know. “Either way she’s beautiful,” the follower added.

Fans cheered on Khloe for schooling the woman on how surrogacy works and how Chi is Kim’s biological child. “Preach woman preach! Chicago is a true blessing and i understand more than most!!!” one fan wrote to her while another added “@khloekardashian you tell em kiki, Chicago is 50% kims dna but 100% looks like her beautiful mummy.”

Kim has repeated called Chi her “twin” as her daughter looks so much like she did as a baby. Even other users agreed, with one fan writing, “Chicago looks so much like her mommy.. other two look like Kanye so much.” Another added about Kim’s throwback pic, “Wowwwwww chicago looks just like you!!!!!

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