Katie Prices splashes £10,000 on messy West Sussex mansion

Katie Prices splashes £10,000 on messy West Sussex mansion

Despite narrowly avoiding bankruptcy last week, Katie Price has allegedly forked thousands of pounds out on a complete revamp of her rundown home in a bid to overhaul her life in the new year.

The mum-of-five hit the headlines last week after it was reported that she had borrowed £22,000 from a friend to clear her debts.

But, now the drama is over and the 40-year-old is in the clear again, she wants a fresh start for 2019, starting with her messy West Sussex home.

‘Katie wants next year to be a completely fresh start and she’s starting with her house,’ a source close to Katie told The Sun.

And fixing her rundown mansion isn’t going to come cheap either, as the insider admitted that it was going to cost quite a bit of money to fix the tired interior.

They added: ‘She’s splashed out £10,000, if not more, on making everything perfect again.

‘As well as having new wallpaper throughout, she’s picked up some soft furnishings to give it a fresh feel.

‘Katie knows she let the house go over the past few months but now she’s working hard at getting back on top of her game, and having the mansion looking good again will help.’

It was revealed that Katie’s million-dollar mansion had gone into complete disrepair in July, after pictures emerged of the house dirty and strewn with rubbish, as well as rotting furniture and an abandoned swimming pool outside.

At the time, the former glamour model revealed she had sought cleaning help from life coach Sue Belton during an episode of My Crazy Life, although admitted that she struggled to keep the place tidy.

Remember ‘tidy house, tidy mind’, Katie!

Words by Becky Waldren

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