Kat Dennings’ cat hated all her ex boyfriends except for her now fiance

Kat Dennings’ cat hated all her ex boyfriends except for her now fiance


Kat Dennings is promoting Dollface, her Hulu comedy centering around a group of friends. The second season is airing now. It looks funny from the trailer, it has good ratings and I might watch an episode or two. Kat was on The Ellen Show virtually. She got engaged during lockdown and she regularly posts photos with her hunky fiance, musician Andrew W.K. Kat said that her cat Millie, a fluffy tiger kitty she adopted as a kitten, has hated all of her boyfriends and has openly shown her displeasure toward them except for Andrew. It sounds like her cat knows he’s a decent human. This story has the added twist that Andrew is allergic to cats – except for Millie! Here’s some of what Kat told Ellen and the video is below.

On why her fiance is wearing a ring already
We’re not married yet, but we went to buy our wedding bands and were like ‘why don’t we wear them, who cares?’ There are no rules.

On her cat’s reaction to Andrew
Andrew is the first and hopefully the last man Millie has ever loved. She has despised every other person [I’ve dated]. She once waited overnight until an ex left the house and she peed on his pillow like it was her job.

Andrew is actually allergic to cats, he’s miraculously not allergic to Millie. The other day she was scratching at the bedroom door and I assumed she wanted to see her mother, me. She ran right past me and over to Andrew.

My mother is also allergic to cats and she’s not allergic to Millie.

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This means that Andrew is a keeper definitely. Cats are discerning judges of character. I once saw a TikTok that said if a man doesn’t like cats it’s a bad sign, because cats make you win them over and don’t have blind loyalty like dogs. Also, who doesn’t like cats? They’re sweet creatures overall, although there are some terror cats which can scratch, bite and pee all over everything. I’m happy for Kat and hope she shares photos from her wedding, whenever it is. Millie should be in it!

Like Andrew, I’m allergic to some cats but not others. I want to get a cat again as I had some incredible cat overlords as a child and into my early 30s. I’m just afraid that I won’t be able to tell if I’m allergic to the cat until it’s too late. When my son moves out of the house for college I’m more likely to get a dog, but I wouldn’t mind a cat too. I will get all the pets to fill that void.




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