Kanye West’s cult-like Donda Academy is shutting down for the ’22-23 school year

Kanye West’s cult-like Donda Academy is shutting down for the ’22-23 school year

One of the most disturbing stories involving Kanye West this year was the formation of his “Donda Academy,” an unaccredited “school” where kids are thrust into some kind of cult-like atmosphere and made to sing and learn Bible verses or something. Honestly, it was upsetting to hear anything about Donda Academy, but the idea that parents were truly sending their kids there? Like, I’m sorry, but those parents are f–king idiots and sending their kids there is a form of child abuse. As everything has fallen apart for Kanye professionally, it looks like he’s shutting down his cult school now too:

Parents whose children attend Kanye West’s school in Southern California have been told it has closed with immediate effect as the controversy surrounding the rapper over his antisemitic comments continues to snowball. In an email viewed by The Times, the principal of Donda Academy, Jason Angell, said that “at the discretion of our Founder, Donda Academy will close for the remainder of the 2022-2023 school year effective immediately”.

“THERE IS NO SCHOOL TOMORROW,” the email adds referring to Thursday.

Donda Academy, which is named after West’s late mother, charges $15,000 a year and requires parents to sign non-disclosure agreements to prevent leaks. Its exact location in Simi Valley is a closely guarded secret while students wear uniforms made by the luxury fashion design house Balenciaga. The school promises a faith-based education with the promotion of Christian values alongside a “rigorous core curriculum”. As well as subjects such as science and maths, the curriculum allows time for “full school worship” while the “enrichment courses” include film, choir and parkour, an activity involving jumping over and off objects in urban environments.

The lack of transparency has raised concerns with experts, who have said they would be wary of advising parents to send their children to a school that is cloaked in secrecy.

Yesterday, amid the controversy surrounding West, a prestigious high school basketball tournament said it would not include Donda Academy’s team, which had attracted much attention for picking up some of the country’s top prospects.

In the email to parents, Angell said the school plans to “begin afresh in September of 2023”.

[From The Times]

A complete sh-tshow, everywhere you look. Kanye conned those parents, and the parents were f–king morons. Those poor kids. I hope the state of California finds some way to shut this down completely if Kanye tries to restart the academy next year. I can’t even find humor in this situation – the Donda Academy children were exposed to a bigoted narcissist’s cult school and they need to see a child psychologist. I do hope Kanye is sued over this and that the state gets involved.

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