Kanye West Will Bring His "Church" Service To Coachella…..

Kanye West Will Bring His "Church" Service To Coachella…..

Congrats to Kanye who found a way to make Coachella even more insufferable…

Coachella announced this year’s line-up back in January and one of the artistes who was rumored to be a headliner, Kanye West, was notably not on it. It was then reported that the reason Kanye wasn’t going to be at the show was because he’s a self-obsessed douchenozzle who wasn’t happy the festival couldn’t accommodate his stage-desires. Apparently he didn’t give a fuck about any of those rich people dressed up in Native American headdresses needing to have access to portable bathrooms; he just wanted his giant dome! Well he didn’t get it, but I guess his artistic vision has told him that the people should get to pee in a closed space, because he’s going to Coachella and taking his kult, I mean, church with him.

Vulture reports that Kanye West has traded in his gigantic dome idea which was ludicrous because he’s not that special to take up that much space, and now he has another equally modest idea: a Kanye Church. Yes, you read that correctly, Kanye West plans to take all of Coachella’s Weekend 2 visitors to Church.

Coachella confirmed on Twitter that Kanye indeed would be attending the music festival and not only that, but he’s going to give all you crazy people who think that him talking to trees means he’s “woke” and thinks out of the box, a place to allow your joint delusions to run wild:

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