Kanye West Posted WHAT About Kim Kardashian?!?!

Kanye West Posted WHAT About Kim Kardashian?!?!

Kanye West is still posting about the sad death of Queen Elizabeth II — and he’s likening it to his own life, too.

The 45-year-old rapper took to his Instagram Stories on Sunday night to share a touching message with people in London and around the United Kingdom who are still mourning the Queen’s death. She died back on September 8, and the monarch’s nation recently held a period of mourning to say goodbye to their beloved royal leader.

By Sunday, Ye was clearly still feeling the pull of grief. In that IG Stories post, he wrote this message in white ALL CAPS letters with a black background:

“London I know how you feel. I lost my queen too.”

You can see it (below):

So, here’s where it gets interesting…

KarJenner family fan accounts quickly assumed the Hurricane rapper was posting about his split from Kim Kardashian (after all, the reality TV star filed for divorce in February of last year). And while that could be the “Queen” to which Ye is referring, it’s likely (and maybe more probable) that he’s instead writing about his late mother, Donda West.

Donda died back in 2007, and Kanye understandably really struggled with her passing. He still honors her routinely, and even named his private school, Donda Academy, in her honor. So it makes sense to us that the Queen’s death — and the public mourning period afterwards — would trigger a similar remorseful feeling in Ye as he watched it all play out.

When a Kardashian fan account re-posted Ye’s IG Stories message hours later, and insinuated the “Queen” comment was about Kim (you can see the post HERE) fans went in on them with criticism about the suggestion. Here are just a few of the strong reactions regarding Ye’s post in the comments of that social take (below):

“I’m pretty sure he meant his mother”

“It’s about Donda.”

“He’s referring to his mom don’t get too excited”

“Lol he’s talking about Donda. It’s not hard to figure out.”

“Y’all know he talking about his mom”

“I think it’s for his mom but,if it’s for Kim it’s ok because she’s the mother of his children so it’s ok … it’s all love”

“This is a tribute to his mother that is not around anymore and you think it’s ok to use it and make it about Kim?”

“They’re gonna get back together. I know it.”

That last one… oof!!

Even if the Jesus Walks rapper is talking about his mother in the original post, could you imagine if a reconciliation with Kim was coming at some point in the future? We’re a little skeptical about that. But you can never say never!

What do U make of Ye’s mournful message, Perezcious readers?

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