Kanye West Got Sued For Not Paying A Japanese Fabric Company

Kanye West Got Sued For Not Paying A Japanese Fabric Company

Kanye West‘s shoe collection (and all his fashion endeavors) are truly atrocious in terms of style and class and elegance. But now it’s being reported that Kanye’s fashion business isn’t just hideous to look at, it’s also screwing people out of their hard-earned money (and not just the people who buy that garbage).

The Blast is reporting that Kanye West is more like his idol Donald Trump than he probably realizes. The Japanese fabric supplier Toki Sen-I Co. has filed a lawsuit against Kanye and his Yeezy Apparell, LLC for not paying them for work.

Toki Sen-I claims that they worked with Kanye on Yeezy stuff in 2015. They supplied fabric for Yeezy sneakers and had a harmonious relationship destroying the eyes and fashion sense of an entire generation. But things took a turn this past June when Kanye ordered “various materials of fleece fabric” and Toki Sen-I went into production. First they asked for a down payment for the job, but Kanye didn’t pay them. They assumed since the relationship was great before that this wouldn’t be an issue. Mistake #1! Always get the money up front!

So what happened after they tried getting the Poison Ivy of rap to finally pay them? He told them he was not going to pay for the fleece. They got fleeced over fleece! They’re claiming that Kanye owes them $624,051 for all their hard work, and have apparently offered Ye a few payment plan options but he’s not interested in paying them at all.

Toki Sen-I is also taking things one step further and alleging that Yeezy Apparel is a scam! They’re saying it is a “shell” and a “sham” company with “no capital assets or member interest.” They think that Kanye only has Yeezy Apparel to prevent finding himself personally liable for all his fuckery.

So Kanye can go out and buy Kim Kartrashian a $14 million condo but can’t pay these Japanese fabric factory workers for their time and effort?! I guess having Dragon Energy is all about screwing people over.

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