Justin Bieber Trolls Fans With April Fool’s Pregnancy Joke & Honestly, Fans Aren’t Laughing

Justin Bieber Trolls Fans With April Fool’s Pregnancy Joke & Honestly, Fans Aren’t Laughing

Justin Bieber’s going to be a daddy….or not. Hailey Baldwin’s husband thought he’d pull off a classic April Fool’s prank on Instagram, but fans weren’t thrilled with the ‘lame joke.’

Next year, Justin Bieber, 26, will have to try a little harder when pulling off an April’s Fool prank. The “Sorry” singer posted an ultrasound to his Instagram on April 1 without a caption, leading many to immediately think Hailey Baldwin, 22, might have a bun in her oven. However, the picture Justin shared is literally one of the top results for “ultrasound” in Google Image search, as it’s the exact same picture found on the Wikipedia page for “Ultrasound.” Plus, the baby in the Wikipedia ultrasound is 12 weeks old, meaning that rail-thin Hailey would be three months preggers? The facts didn’t add up, and fans vented their displeasure in the comments.

“you had me for a second” “Don’t worry its just April fools right?” “Is this supposed to be funny” “Lame ass joke” “These kinds of jokes ain’t funny” “You should name it April. You know…cause it’s a prank” “Guys is April fools day” “I had a heart attack 4 a few seconds but then I remembered today’s 1 April. Thanks.” The comments were either excitement over a possible baby Bieber, irritation over the “lame” joke, or outraged that Justin would pull such a prank.

“Always classy to do the April fools joke pregnancy, especially when so many [people] struggle with infertility,” one such outraged user wrote. On the one hand, infertility struggles are nothing to joke about, but on the other hand, Justin wasn’t making fun of people with infertility issues. Hailey Baldwin didn’t seem so upset that Justin was trying to pull off this pregnancy prank. “Very funny…” she wrote in the comments.

Justin wasn’t going to give up that easily. In a second post, he shared three pictures of Hailey laying in what looked like a doctor’s office. A sheet was wrapped around her lower half, while her midriff was exposed. Two medical professionals looked on. “If U thought it was April Fools,” Justin captioned the picture. Still, fans weren’t buying it. “She’s way too skinny for a baby to be that big already” “baby, the baby wouldn’t be that fully developed tho if she was this flat” “Where’s the ultrasound screen/machine? Why isn’t she laying down?” “why she got two docs on her belly that’s not how u check for a baby I’m not buying it nahhhh” So, better luck next year, Justin? Unless the real prank is tricking everyone that Hailey isn’t pregnant?

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