Julie Chen Stands By Husband Les Moonves Amid New Allegations Of Sexual Assault

Julie Chen Stands By Husband Les Moonves Amid New Allegations Of Sexual Assault

Julie Chen is standing by her man, even amid a new allegation that he sexually assaulted a young actress more than 20 years ago.

Moonves, the former CBS chief, was forced out of the network amid growing allegations of sexual misconduct, but his wife has not wavered in her public support of him. This week, after a new report claimed that Moonves sexually assaulted a young actress and then conspired with her agent to keep it quiet, Chen released a statement saying she was in full support of her husband.

“Julie remains committed to her marriage and is focused on her family,” a spokesperson told the Page Six. “In fact, this has drawn Julie and her husband as well as their entire family closer than ever. As for recent media reports, they are based on leaks that can’t be responded to.”

There appears to be some evidence to back up this statement. Last week, Chen and Moonves were spotted on a rare date night, going to a Beverly Hills hot spot in full view of photographers.

Les Moonves had been accused of sexual misconduct by more than a dozen women, many of whom said he acted in an inappropriate manner in the workplace. A new report from the New York Times claimed that Moonves forced aspiring actress Bobbie Phillips to perform oral sex on him at a meeting in 1995 as he was promising to help her land a job. Moonves later worked with Phillips’ agent to keep her quiet about the incident, the report claimed.

As Page Six reported, sources have said that Julie Chen has been privately struggling with the new allegation against Mooves, fearing it could be the breaking point for their marriage. Prior to the latest allegation, Chen had believed Moonves when he said the allegations against him were false.

There could be more damaging revelations to come. A report prepared by lawyers for CBS claims that Moonves had an employee “on call” for oral sex, and that he continued to make attempts to cover up allegations after the started to come to light, Newsweek reported. The report will likely be used by CBS as the network aims to keep Moonves from receiving the $120 million severance package that is reportedly part of his contract with the network.

A report from the New York Times claimed that Les Moonves stopped the sexually explicit workplace behavior in 2004, when he and Julie Chen were married.

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