Jim Boeheim Says Wife Still 'Shook Up' After Gunpoint Robbery

Jim Boeheim Says Wife Still 'Shook Up' After Gunpoint Robbery

Legendary college hoops coach Jim Boeheim says his wife, Juli Boeheim, is still “shook up” days after she was robbed at gunpoint in New York.

Boeheim joined Syracuse commentator Brent Axe‘s radio show on ESPN on Wednesday, where Axe asked Jim how his wife was doing following her traumatic ordeal.

“She’s definitely shook up,” Boeheim said. “I mean, this isn’t television. It’s not movies. It’s real life.”

The Syracuse men’s basketball coach told the ESPN host that Juli is handling the situation better than most people would, but it’s still not easy for her.

“She’s a little shook,” Jim said, “but I think she’s doing much better than could be expected.”

As we reported, law enforcement said Juli was sitting in her car in the Destiny USA parking lot in New York around 2 PM on Monday, when a “juvenile looking male” approached her, pointed a gun at her, and then grabbed her purse before running away.

The Syracuse Police Department confirmed that officers responded to the parking lot a short time later for a report of a 55-year-old woman who was robbed.

Fortunately, Juli did not sustain any injuries in the incident, and Jim says she was actually more concerned about the kid’s well-being than her own.

“Her main thought was, ‘Let’s help this kid,'” the hoops coach said. “That’s what she does and what we do with our foundation is try to help these kids.”

“That was the first thing that she said, ‘I feel like I want to get this kid, and help this kid.’ But that’s the way she thinks. That’s who she is. She tries to help people. That’s what she does.”

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