Jennifer Lopez’s Mom Gets Clocked On The Head By Wild Fans As They Beg For Autographs

Jennifer Lopez’s Mom Gets Clocked On The Head By Wild Fans As They Beg For Autographs

A pack of autograph-hungry fans seized on Jennifer Lopez outside of Sirius Radio in New York City, and her mother fell victim to the flying elbows…J.Lo was NOT happy.

Watch out, mom! Jennifer Lopez, 49, braved the mob that demanded her signature outside Sirius Radio in New York City on Dec. 12, but fans crossed the line. During the frenzy to get the “El Anillo” singer’s attention, her mother Guadalupe Rodriguez suffered a hit to the noggin’! In the video below, you can see her clutch her head, more than a bit annoyed. But her daughter was especially not pleased, as she turned to usher her mother away from the unruly fans. They blew their chances! WATCH J.LO’S MOM GET RUDELY BUTTED IN THE HEAD, HERE.

The mood was much different when the mom-daughter duo stepped out of their vehicle to enter NYC’s Good Morning America studio earlier on Wednesday. Guadalupe flashed a bright smile, and J.Lo shined just as much in her blue sequined jumpsuit! The songstress is on a promotional grind for her new film, Second Act, in which she also shares a producer credit. By the end of the week, she’ll have made six television appearances in total…and that’s not even counting her interview with Sirius Radio. You can catch her on The Daily Show tonight! Luckily, J.Lo has her ma to accompany her throughout the grueling schedule.

Close mother-daughter relationships run in the family, because J.Lo shares just as special a bond with her mini me, Emme Muñiz! J.Lo’s 10-year-old daughter appears in the music video that J.Lo directed — the singer’s first time taking on such an endeavor — for Sia’s song, “Limitless.” J.Lo recalled how special the project was, telling Jimmy Fallon on Dec. 10, “She’s like, ‘Mom, I can do it.’ And I’m like, ‘Oh God’…I said no for a long time and then finally I said yes. I said, ‘Baby, are you sure? You can’t halfway through say you’re tired. We have to do it.’” J.Lo didn’t regret the decision, as she continued to tell the night show host, “When I tell you she was so amazing and I was so proud, I forgot that I was directing my first video. It was all about her.”

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