Jenifer Lewis gathers divas for her holiday party

Jenifer Lewis gathers divas for her holiday party

There are few Christmas party invitations more coveted that Jenifer Lewis’.

The 61-year-old actress and singer, who stars on “Blackish” and recently penned an autobiography, tells Page Six why her Christmas soirées have become so epic amongst singers and Broadway divas.

“Over the years, I’ve earned a reputation for throwing great parties where music and singing are front and center. Many people don’t know that singing is my first love,” said Lewis, who will perform at Lincoln Center’s American Songbook in February.

“I invite all the Broadway and Hollywood divas — Brandy, Loretta Devine, Niecey Nash, Ledisi, Marilyn McCoo, RuPaul — they’ve all sung at my parties. I especially like to invite artists who are in town on tour,” she added.

At her parties, everyone typically gathers around a baby grand piano parked between the kitchen and living room. “And baby, those divas take turns showing out!” she quipped.

But the secret to a successful Christmas fête involves more than good music. Lewis adds that laughter and games all play a role in creating a jolly atmosphere. And food, of course, is key.

“One thing I am always conscious of is to have lots of choices for folks who are vegan or who don’t drink alcohol,” Lewis said. “Considerations like that add to the feeling of warmth and togetherness. After singing and games, with bellies full, we sit around the fire and express our dreams for the next year.”

In Lewis’ eyes, adult guests don’t typically receive gifts. Presents are for kids up to the age of 13.

“Yes, gifts are for kids,” she quipped. “Everyone else gets a smile and a hug!”

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