Jeff Brazier reveals he’s rationing food for sons Bobby and Freddie during coronavirus lockdown

Jeff Brazier reveals he’s rationing food for sons Bobby and Freddie during coronavirus lockdown

Jeff Brazier has revealed that he’s been rationing food for his sons Bobby and Freddie amid the coronavirus lockdown in the UK.

The TV presenter, 40, explained that, in a bid to not waste food, he has been “sensible” when it comes to only using the essentials for cooking.

Jeff took to Twitter to ask his loyal followers: “Does everyone feel like they’ve got everything they need?"

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He then gave some helpful tips to feeding children as he stays indoors with sons Bobby, 16, and Freddie, 15, who he had with the late Jade Goody during their relationship.

Responding to one mum who revealed her concerns that her children will eat the food straight away, Jeff wrote: “I’ve told mine they have to eat in the order of what goes off first. I ration the fun stuff or yeah that’ll be gone in seconds."

He then added: “Fair enough people have made sure they have enough for their family.

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“However, Hopefully those with TOO much will ensure they give away any surplus to anyone in need before it goes off or that would truly be a waste. Let’s make sure we minimise food waste at this (or any) time."

It comes after Jeff opened up on being a single parent, admitting it has been a “difficult experience”.

Discussing parenting on the podcast Verified Views, Jeff said: "[It's] hard to put it into a concise answer.

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"It's been the most difficult experience in my life. But yet the most rewarding.

"And there are moments like, when the boys were best men at my wedding a year ago and they stood up and spoke with such humour and maturity and such feeling and emotional intelligence.

"And that was the first and only time I think I've ever really allowed myself to pat myself on the back, because it was just, it was there in front of me.

"I couldn't deny it was incredible because children don't really show you their best they save that for everybody else. So I hang on some moments like that."

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Jeff, who has recently silenced rumours of a split from wife Kate Dwyer by putting his wedding ring back on, continued: "It has been tough, but then it was meant to be tough.

"You know, it was what I signed up to. I didn't necessarily sign up to doing it on my own, but that's nobody's fault.

"I like to think we've all got the ability to step up and do whatever it requires in order to give your children what they need until they no longer require it."

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