Jason Momoa Is the Prince of Darkness in Ozzy Osbourne's New Music Video

Jason Momoa Is the Prince of Darkness in Ozzy Osbourne's New Music Video

As a performer, Jason Momoa has developed a reputation for having the absolute most fun possible on each job, whether that means feeding an Oreo to a grizzly bear from his own mouth, or adapting his Aquaman workout routine so he can still drink his beloved Guinness.

His latest project is no different; in a behind-the-scenes video from ‘Scary Little Green Men’, the upcoming single from heavy metal legend Ozzy Osbourne, Momoa can be seen throwing himself into character with childlike glee.

“We wanted to make an Ozzy video, but have Jason in it channeling Ozzy’s spirit,” explains director Marc Klasfeld. “We came up with a set that was very Ozzy-like, referencing one of Ozzy’s old videos. So the idea is to tease people into thinking it’s Ozzy, then obviously it’s not Ozzy, and Jason shows up and rocks out.”

First up is hair and makeup, which includes the kind of guyliner Momoa used to wear back in his Khal Drogo days, and then his nails are painted black. “They’re very rock’n’roll, ey. Very Ozzy Osbourne,” says Momoa, doing his best to mimic the Black Sabbath singer’s distinctive Birmingham accent.

“I basically look like a big Dave Navarro,” he says upon seeing his reflection. “Or like, big Captain Jack Sparrow… D’y’knawwhatImean?” (The accent work is flawed at best, coming out more Mick Jagger than Ozzy, but this Birmingham native appreciates the effort.)

“Right now we’re adding J’s chains,” explains the costume designer, “and then we’ve got a bunch of stuff from the skull store, and we’ve got this little bat who killed another bat and used his head as a helmet.”

The more dark wizard couture Momoa puts on, the more he seems to get into character — and relish the entire experience. “Yeees,” he drawls, like Emperor Palpatine. “I know what I’m going to be for Halloween. Vampire Ozzy!”

Osbourne revealed in January that he has been diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease. During the emotional announcement, he promised that he was working on new material; he dropped the album Ordinary Man shortly after, but has clearly been busy at work writing new songs. ‘Scary Little Green Men’ is expected to be the lead single from a new album, currently scheduled to be released later this year.

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