Jake Paul Mails Out Sleepy McGregor Chain To Poirier, 'Good Always Beats Evil!

Jake Paul Mails Out Sleepy McGregor Chain To Poirier, 'Good Always Beats Evil!

11:05 AM PT — Good news! The chain has made its way safely to Poirier, who confirmed he’ll be auctioning it off for his The Good Fight Foundation charity.

Poirier also promised “to do something big in Lafayette” with the funds.


Check your mailbox, Dustin Poirier … it’s about to be filled with a pricey Conor McGregor chain — ’cause Jake Paul says he sent out the trolling diamonds on Thursday evening!!!

Paul copped the piece ahead of last Saturday’s McGregor vs. Poirier tilt … and it was pretty funny — making fun of Conor for being dazed after getting rocked by Dustin in their second fight back in Jan. 2021.

And, when Poirier beat McGregor again over the weekend, Paul offered DP the $100k bling as a congratulations gift — and Diamond accepted!

So, Paul finally mailed the thing out Thursday … and wrote a personalized letter with it too!

“Dear Dustin, congrats on your much earned victory,” Paul said. “I love what you’re doing with your Good Fight Foundation. You deserve this chain more than me!”

He added, “Good always beats evil! Keep winning!”

As good as Poirier would look in the chain, Paul said Dustin has agreed to sell it for charity, which means we’re assuming the proceeds will go to Poirier’s famous foundation that helps underprivileged communities.

Light-hearted smack talk AND a helping hand? We’re here for all of that!

Originally Published — 7:47 AM PT

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