'I'm Not Scared Of Her!' Newbie Jackie Goldschneider Slams Teresa Over Jailbird Joe

'I'm Not Scared Of Her!' Newbie Jackie Goldschneider Slams Teresa Over Jailbird Joe

On this week’s episode of The Real Housewives of New Jersey, newbie Jackie Goldschneider stuck her nose where it didn’t belong — and Teresa Giudice was not happy!

Following the ladies’ Oklahoma trip, Jackie, 42, confided in her husband about what had gone down between Teresa, 46, and her sister-in-law, Melissa Gorga.

RadarOnline.com readers know Teresa confronted Melissa, 39, during the trip, accusing her of keeping her brother, Joe Gorga, away from their aging dad.

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“Teresa’s husband, he’s in prison, and she was in jail also because of things that he did,” Jackie said to her husband. “So I mean if anybody is going to be talking bout controlling her husband it should not be Teresa. I get the feeling that people don’t really stand up to Teresa a lot, but she doesn’t scare me so.”

Jackie told the cameras: “Teresa is living by some old school code that if you act all puppy dog eyes at your big strong man that you can like sway what he does. I don’t even know if she realizes how backwards it sounds.”

But the fight between Teresa, Melissa, and her brother Joe didn’t end there. In another clip from the episode, Joe went over to his sister’s house to find out why his name was mentioned during the Oklahoma trip.

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“Joey does the bare minimum, so he looks like he’s the golden boy and I’m the one doing everything to keep this family together,” a frustrated Teresa told the cameras.

“I want to straighten something out with you,” Joe told Teresa. “I heard I was like the topic of Oklahoma.”

“This is what it was,” Teresa explained. “I got off the phone with daddy and he’s like ‘I’m going to go hang out with Joey.’ I’m like ‘Oh good.’ And I said to Melissa, ‘Oh when you’re not around my brother seems to hang out with my dad more.’”

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“Why would you say something like that?” A stunned Joe asked his sister.

“Because you never hang out with daddy on Friday night, because you’re with your wife,” Teresa replied.

“What do you want me to do? I’m only one person. I heard you talking to everybody in Oklahoma… my wife is almost crying,” Joe explained.

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“Of course she comes home and tears up and makes you feel sorry for her,” Teresa said. “I just want you to spend more time with daddy.”

“Teresa, I have a business that takes up a lot of my time. I have three kids that have sports. I have a wife that’s home alone all the time,” Joe shot back.

“Listen, you go out to dinner every weekend,” Teresa said.

Then, Joe snapped. “What the f**k is the problem?” he yelled. “I can’t go out to dinner?”

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“I didn’t say that.” Teresa explained.

“I’m f**cking working every night. I go out to dinner one day. Get the f**k out of here!” Joe said as he pushed a punching bag and stormed off. “Shove it up your a** you f**cking bitch.”

Things escalated from there when the other RHONJ newbie, Jennifer Aydin, invited all the ladies and their kids to a dinner party at her house.

While the women were enjoying a meal at Aydin’s house, Melissa and Jackie left the table for a moment to check on their children.

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“How was everything with Teresa?” a concerned Jackie asked Melissa.

Melissa then explained the fight that went down between Teresa and her brother Joe. And as they returned to join the rest of the ladies, they noticed Dolores Catania and Teresa were also discussing the fight. Soon, Teresa confronted Melissa and told her that she shouldn’t have come back from the Oklahoma trip and complained to Joe.

“I was telling you not to make Joe blow up,” Teresa told Melissa.

Dolores, 47, agreed, but Jackie decided to step in and defend Melissa.

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“Teresa how could she control that though?” Jackie asked. “Melissa you’re entitled to talk to your husband when you’re upset and that’s the bottom line.”

Teresa seemed confused as to why Jackie involved herself in the situation.

“Jackie has no right to butt in where she doesn’t belong,” Teresa told the cameras. “Like mind your business. How dare she say that to me.”

But Jackie continued: “She’s telling you that you shouldn’t have spoken to your husband when you were in that moment of being so upset, and I do not agree with that at all.”

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“I see her point though,” Dolores defended Teresa.

“I don’t,” Jackie doubled down. “I don’t think it’s her place to tell Melissa when she can and cannot talk to her husband on something that’s upsetting her.”

“Please, I’m talking to my sister in law” Teresa said holding her hand up to Jackie.

“But you’re making it a public conversation, aren’t you?” Jackie replied. “You’re all ganging up on Melissa.”

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“Cut it out. This is my family.” Teresa said.

Jackie told the cameras that she would’ve been happy staying out of it but didn’t like how Dolores and Teresa ganged up on Melissa.

“This two in one business is not okay,” Jackie said. “If you can control your husband, then that means you have a husband without a backbone.”

“Do you really think Melissa can control her husband’s emotions?” Jackie asked Teresa.

“Yeah” Teresa responded.

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What happened next made all the ladies jaw drop.

The conversation took a turn and Jackie crossed the line when she brought Teresa’s jailbird husband Joe Giudice into the argument.

“I’m sorry, all due respect, you really feel like your husband would be in jail right now if you could control what he did?” Jackie asked Teresa.

Sighs were heard, and eyes were widened.

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As Radar readers know, Joe Giudice, 46, is currently serving time for mail, wire, and bankruptcy fraud. After he is released, he will be deported to his native Italy.

“Why are you bringing up my husband and where he is?” a shocked Teresa asked.

“You’re bringing up Melissa’s husband,” Jackie replied.

Luckily Teresa’s daughter barged in and told her mom she had to go.

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“How dare she throw it in my face that my husband is away. Who the f**k does this b**ch think she is?” Teresa told the cameras. “Jackie is lucky that Melania just walked in because I’m not going to fight in front of my daughter. But this isn’t over.”

“I appreciate Jackie backing me up,” Melissa told the cameras. “But I know Teresa, when you say something that stings her she does not forget. So I don’t think this is going to be good for the two of them.”

“I think Teresa is used to bulldozing Melissa with her BFF Dolores, but I won’t stand for it. If you’re a b**tch I’ll call you out on it.” Jackie told the cameras.

On the next episode of The Real Housewives of New Jersey tension builds between Jackie Goldschneider and Teresa Giudice. Stay with Radar for weekly recaps

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