Halle Berry, 52, Poses Braless In Unbuttoned Shirt & Looks Sexier Than Ever — New Pic

Halle Berry, 52, Poses Braless In Unbuttoned Shirt & Looks Sexier Than Ever — New Pic

Halle Berry is looking like an absolute snack in a sexy new pic where she’s going braless with just an unbuttoned denim shirt on. The 52-year-old just keeps getting hotter with age.

Halle Berry is yet again proving that age is nothing but a number in a sexy new Instagram pic. The 52-year-old posted a shot of her rocking a ripped denim shirt completely unbuttoned to show she wasn’t wearing anything underneath. The cleavage baring photo on April 16 got fans’ pulses racing as the John Wick: Chapter 3 star captioned the pic “Lookin’ for a late night snack,” even though she was nowhere near a kitchen. Halle’s long hair was in loose curls while her flawless and wrinkle free skin showed minimal makeup.

The stunner was beautifully lit as the backdrop darkened but revealed a shelf of long-stemmed wine glasses and some dark brown leather chairs. Halle gazed off camera while her bare chest and tight abs were the focal point of the shot. And with the caption she gave the photo, fans immediately took the bait.

“You are the late night snack 👀😫” one person commented while another wrote “That awkward moment you realize that late night snack is you! Lol.” A man told Halle, “Hello Madame Berry my name is Snack Snackerson I heard you were looking for me,” and another user wrote “From what i can see, you are the snack!!!!”

Lookin’ for a late night snack ?

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Since Halle is keen on documenting her health and fitness routine on her Instagram, a user told her “Hope it’s keto” for her snack. The actress is a devotee of the keto diet which is high in fats and proteins while keeping carbs and sugars to a minimum. Her personal trainer Peter Lee Thomas told us EXCLUSIVELY what Halle’s eating patterns are. She starts the day with just a large glass of water with lemon for breakfast then does a 90 minute workout. Following that she has a nutrient rich lunch. “A lot of the time she will have a steak with a big green salad and not butter lettuce, it has to be dark greens like spinach and kale. Or she will have shredded chicken over a dark green leafy salad. Or she might have two or three eggs, not egg whites, she eats the whole egg because the yolk is very important,” he revealed.

“During the day she will snack on raw organic veggies, like celery and cucumber slices and that sort of thing,” Peter added. “She always has lots of cut up veggies around. Another snack she has is organic fruit. She likes blueberries, strawberries, raspberries and blackberries, those are all good on the ketogenic plan.” No wonder Halle’s body is so incredible at 52.

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