Gabi DeMartino Confirms Breakup, Will No Longer Get Married to Collin Vogt

Gabi DeMartino Confirms Breakup, Will No Longer Get Married to Collin Vogt

Gabi DeMartino is confirming her split from fiancé Collin Vogt.

The 27-year-old YouTuber and singer shared a brief update on her relationship status on Monday (May 9) in an Instagram Story.

See what Gabi shared inside…

“hiii if you didn’t see my last vlog i definitely recommend watching it if you have any question or concern with my personal life and status,” she shared in a note. “i’m not directly discussing my personal matters in my life right now because the past four months of my life have drastically changed and im giving myself time to mentally adjust.”

“i am no longer getting married and it’s been this way since the winter. i am totally okay, im editing a vlog as i write this, & i can’t wait to talk to you then! love you and wishing you all an amazing monday / week,” she added, along with a link to her latest vlog.

That same morning, Gabi shared on Twitter, “privacy is peace. not hiding anyone or anything, just not comfortable giving answers and i don’t have to right now. 🤍 and that’s okay.”

In Gabi‘s most recent vlog, which was posted last Tuesday (May 3), the singer shared that “it’s very obvious something’s going on in my personal life and has been since the winter.”

She then went on to say that she won’t talk about anything until she is ready, and that she doesn’t owe an explanation or story.

“Basically what has occurred in my life has occurred for like three or four months now and this life change is something that has really taken a toll on my personal life, and my entire life is my vlogs, and is this channel so I’m kind of sorting through those personal things before I bring them to the internet,” Gabi says in her video.

“I think you guys are pretty smart and can put two and two together. It’s just hard to talk about. It’s embarrassing,” she added. “I just hope you guys could please focus on more positive things in the comment section. I understand if you guys are confused and want an answer, but it’s not going to be this week.”

“I’m really well, I’m great, and if you guys have any worry or concern for me, I’m doing really amazing and you know, there’s good days and then there’s bad days.”

That week, Gabi also addressed the breakup in the comments section of an Instagram post featuring photos from her album release/birthday party.

“i am not hiding anything & i have and will continue to keep my personal life to myself all while continuing to live my life online. this right here is my life and way back when deciding to have kept my break up private, i expected conclusions to be made,” she said.

Gabi and Collin were together for five years before getting engaged in November 2020. He also just recently appeared in her “Broken Morning” music video.

If you haven’t already, go listen to Gabi‘s debut album Paintings of Me!

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