Find Out How Miley Cyrus’ Mom Gets Her Back Into Smoking Weed

Find Out How Miley Cyrus’ Mom Gets Her Back Into Smoking Weed

A year after Miley Cyrus announced her plan to quit getting high, she has now revealed that she’s back in the smoke zone. During a radio interview with Andy Cohen on December 10, the former Disney darling said that her mom, Tish Cyrus, was the one responsible for getting her smoke weed again.

While Miley admitted that she only smokes “every now and then,” she joked that she’s most excited about “smoking weed with [her] mom” over the holidays.

When asked by the host about the details, she admitted that Tish “smokes a lot of weed” to the point where Miley finally gave in to the temptation. She also suggested that her 51-year-old mother might be thinking of creating a weed company and making her daughter work for it.

“She’s gonna be like, ‘Well, I’ve been wanting to do a weed company so you got me started. I’ll get you in, don’t worry,’ ” Miley noted, adding that Tish might really quit being her manager and grow marijuana on Billy Ray Cyrus‘ farm one day.

The “Nothing Breaks Like a Heart” singer elaborated, “She’s my manager, so if my mom quits everything that’s quitting me to go home and grow weed. That doesn’t sound like the best idea. She was doing candles. I think my mom should stick with candles.”

Miley first took a break from smoking weed in spring last year when preparing to release her sixth studio album “Younger Now”. She talked about her lifestyle change during an appearance on “Jimmy Kimmel Live!“, explaining the reason why she decided to quit.

“I am very focused on what I’m working right now. And I also think it is the most magical… amazing,” the former Hannah Montana depicter said. “It’s my first and true love. But it’s just not for me at this time in my life. But I’m sure there will be a day when I happily indulge.”

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