Farrah Abraham confuses 9/11 with '7-Eleven' convenience store as she visits Ground Zero

Farrah Abraham confuses 9/11 with '7-Eleven' convenience store as she visits Ground Zero

Farrah Abraham confuses 9/11 with ‘7-Eleven’ convenience store as she visits Ground Zero

Former ‘Teen Mom’ star Farrah Abraham confuses 9/11 with ‘7-Eleven.’ Viewers of her video were not pleased.

Farrah Abraham commemorated the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks with a trip to Ground Zero — but the visit didn't come without a massive gaffe that's floored social media users.

The former "Teen Mom" star, 28, on Wednesday seemingly confused 9/11 with the convenience chain store 7-Eleven.

"OK, so we wanted to do, since it's going to be September 11th, in honor of the Freedom Towers and the observatory deck and everything of 7-Eleven, we are going to do this," Abraham says in videos posted online. "Wow, look at this guys," she adds, pointing the camera upward to show One World Trade Center.

The MTV cast member-turned-adult film star said she was in fifth grade when the Twin Towers collapsed in 2001 — and she was visiting the building in New York City's Lower Manhattan to "enjoy this experience" with her daughter, Sophia, as she's now in fifth grade herself. Nearly 3,000 people died in the Sept. 11 terror attacks and thousands more suffered injuries.

Abraham described One World Trade as "gorgeous, beautiful and in memory of a lot of loved ones and a lot of others lost," and added she believes it's important for her 9-year-old daughter to learn about Sept. 11, as she wasn't alive when it happened.

While Abraham seemingly didn't notice her mistake in her video, which she uploaded to Instagram and YouTube, social media users were quick to condemn her, claiming the error was disrespectful.

One commenter said while they don't normally judge others, they felt Abraham's video "is so disrespecting towards the people who lost and probably still are in pain of what happened that day… Many have fought to help a lot of people and many have lost their lives that day."

"Just another vlog for you to get likes. You have no idea or respect for the meaning of 9/11. I’ve never seen a more delusional human being. Disgusting," someone else wrote.

Some questioned why Abraham wanted to "enjoy" visiting Ground Zero, considering the horror that took place there.

"She said they enjoy the experience how can you enjoy going to the 9/11 memorial your meant to take a minute and think about those poor people not enjoy it," someone said, with another adding: "Why would you enjoy this experience! What’s joyful about it! Stupid springs to mind."

Abraham often comes under fire for controversial posts. Earlier this year, she was criticized for posting a video of her daughter dancing around in a bra and underwear.

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