Fans Are Convinced Erica Mena Is Pregnant With Safaree Samuels’ Baby Due to This Photo

Fans Are Convinced Erica Mena Is Pregnant With Safaree Samuels’ Baby Due to This Photo

AceShowbiz -It hasn’t even been a week since Erica Mena announced that she and fiance Safaree Samuels are currently trying to have a baby, but fans already think that she’s having a bun in the oven. This is all due to a recent Instagram picture that showed her belly bulging more than usual, prompting fans to speculate that she’s pregnant.

The photo in question was taken during their trip to Jamaica, where the couple was filming for Safaree’s music video for “No Regular Girl”, with the lovebirds posing against ocean backdrop in their customized swimwear. While the photo was undoubtedly sweet, fans couldn’t help but notice that the “Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta” beauty seemed to be picking up weight in her belly and breasts. Thus, they naturally believed that she’s expecting.

“You are absolutely stunning, but I must agree with some of these folks when they say preg bump. Ur stomach looks funny in this pic,” one commented. “U look happy and so does that belly u already pregnant. That’s happy weight n good ding ding doing you good,” another convinced follower said as an individual asked, “Happy weight or is sis expecting soon?”

Unfortunately for those who are hoping that she’s pregnant, the speculation turned out to be false. In response to a fan’s comment, Erica shut down the rumors, “No just thicker than before. God willing soon but that’s all festival lol.”

Erica revealed in an Instagram Live session in late last month that she had been trying to get pregnant by using sea moss, a supposed age-old Caribbean fertility concoction for couples who are trying to have a child. “I’ve had sea moss,” she said at the time. ” ‘Cause you know we’re trying to have a baby, so we’re putting it inside our drinks and stuff.”

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