Emma Roberts & Garrett Hedlund Are 'In A Much Better Place' Together Since Welcoming Their Newborn Son!

Emma Roberts & Garrett Hedlund Are 'In A Much Better Place' Together Since Welcoming Their Newborn Son!

New baby bliss is something else… lack of sleep, lots of laundry, tons of dishes, yeah, but SO much love from that little bundle of joy, too!

Emma Roberts and Garrett Hedlund are finding out about all of that right about now, as the family of three is reportedly “in a really great place” and connecting with each other on a deeper level in the months since their son Rhodes Robert Hedlund was born back in December!

A source close to Roberts spoke to E! News about the couple’s connection in the last few months, admitting that while they “went through a rough patch” late last year during Emma’s pregnancy regarding Garrett’s sobriety struggles and DUI, things are right back on track.

The source said (below):

“Emma and Garrett are in a much better place since welcoming their son.”


And it sounds like after the Scream Queens alum gave birth, her 36-year-old man has seriously stepped things up at home!

Speaking about the Keyhole Garden actor’s doting ways as a new dad, the insider further revealed (below):

“He has really stepped it up and is a great dad to Rhodes. It was a huge adjustment for both of them at first, but they have been a great team and have worked through all the ups and downs together.”

So great!

And to think this whole thing started so casually… just goes to show you never know what life has in store, we suppose!

Emma is starting to get back to work in some upcoming movies, too, and so she’s doubling down on balancing new motherhood with her work schedule, too.

For one, it sounds like Garrett has been very helpful regarding her work schedule. And her co-workers on upcoming movies Saurus CityNow I See You, and About Fate don’t mind seeing the new baby, either!

The source continued (below):

“It’s been really hard, but Garrett and her family have been a huge help. She brings her baby to set, and everyone is obsessed and think he’s the cutest. Emma seems really happy, and her and Garrett are in it for the long haul.”

Our hearts!

Such great news!

And so great to see Emma and Garrett settling in as partners and parents. The next 18 years are going to fly by, but they’ll be TOTALLY worth it!

We promise!

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