Duggar Fans Suspect John David And Abbie’s Christmas Message Is A Hint Of A Baby Announcement

Duggar Fans Suspect John David And Abbie’s Christmas Message Is A Hint Of A Baby Announcement

John David and Abbie Duggar just spent their first Christmas together as husband and wife. They married almost two months ago and have been blissfully happy ever since. As always, Duggar fans are anxious to see how soon this newly wedded couple will start a family of their own. A recent post has many wondering if Abbie is already pregnant with their first child.

While that certainly wouldn’t be a huge surprise to hear that a baby is on the way, the reason why fans suspect John David and Abbie are pregnant may seem a bit out of the ordinary. As many people do this time of year, this Duggar couple sent out a holiday message on their joint Instagram account wishing everyone a Merry Christmas. Their post consisted of a Bible verse from Isaiah 9:6 about the birth of Jesus.

It started out with the words, “For unto us a child is born, unto us a son is given.” That may be all it took to have some people asking if Abbie is expecting a baby. It seems that talking about baby Jesus may have been some sort of hint, according to the comments written on the timeline.

That got others reminding them that this is just a Bible verse, and that not everything that the Duggar family posts is always about babies or a pregnancy announcement. One person even mentioned that this would be a cute way of breaking the news of a pregnancy and that John David and Abbie both look quite happy and giddy. Of course, they have been that way ever since they began courting.

This couple will also be ringing in the new year together. You won’t be seeing them partaking in any kind of champagne sipping at midnight, but they are likely to sneak in a few kisses that night. After all, John David surprised their wedding guests, and even his new wife, with his rendition of the first kiss at their November 3 nuptials. He definitely took his time before his lips met hers.

The Duggar son started out by kissing each hand, then moved up to his bride’s shoulders. Just when you thought he was ready for the big one, he planted a smooch on her forehead, and then each cheek. He finally ended up with quite a sexy kiss on the lips. Some deemed it awkward, but others claimed it was one steamy way of leading up to their first kiss, especially for a Duggar.

Baby rumors are always swirling every time a photo is seen as Duggar fans keep a watchful eye on any visible baby bumps. If there is any baby news to be revealed, you can bet that TLC will share a video of the announcement when it happens. It could be that 2019 will be the year of a first child for John David and Abbie Duggar.

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