Duchess Meghan Went Rouge With Her Nail Color

Duchess Meghan Went Rouge With Her Nail Color

Meghan Markle may only be a lowly Duchess, but she’s The Queen of fucking shit up. Meghan gave old Liz the vapors last night when she made an unannounced appearance at the British Fashion Awards at Royal Albert Hall wearing black nail polish, a studded leather jacket, vampire fangs, and a ripped Misfits t-shirt 3 sizes too big. That is probably what old Liz saw. The rest of us just saw the black nail polish and a black Givenchy gown.

People reports that Meghan “strayed away from the aesthetic standard of delicate, translucent nail shades previously set by the Queen and Kate Middleton” and opted instead to turn to the dark side and paint her nails black to coordinate with her dress, stopping just short of performing a live animal sacrifice right there on stage at the RAH.

Though it’s an unofficial rule, it is widely known that the Queen finds colorful nail polish distracting. Bright hues are not banned for the royals, but nude colors are a more practical choice for official engagements. Although Kate does on occasion glam up her toes with a bright red pedicure on her feet, she has yet to be seen in public with a daring bright manicure.

Here’s what Meghan looked like at the awards. She was there to honor Clare Waight Keller, the artistic director of Givenchy and designer of Meghan’s wedding gown, with the British Womenswear Designer of the Year award.

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