Dr. Drew Says Britney Spears' Dad's Done Well But Maybe Time for Change

Dr. Drew Says Britney Spears' Dad's Done Well But Maybe Time for Change

Britney Spears‘ father’s done right by her for a long time and deserves respect for that, but her latest issues might require a different approach … so says Dr. Drew.

The celebrity doc was leaving the Sirius building in NYC this week when we asked about Britney’s mental health and family drama, and first things first … he tells us folks need to lay off the pop star.

Dr. Drew then says Britney’s dad, Jamie, should be applauded for his courage for putting her under conservatorship after her infamous 2008 meltdown, which allowed her to make a comeback and have renewed success in recent years.

He points out Jamie’s not just been doing what he thinks is best for Britney — he’s doing what’s required by law. Dr. Drew’s not buying the sordid allegations related to the “Free Britney” movement.

Having said that … he suggests Britney may well still need a conservatorship — which medical professionals will determine — and if she does, Drew thinks it might not be a bad idea to possibly install a new conservator. Problem is, if not Jamie, who?

As we reported … Jamie filed legal docs last week stating he wants to make his conservatorship over his daughter valid in 3 key states other than California. These states — Florida, Hawaii, and Louisiana are all spots she likes to visit … and he worries some of the people behind the “Free Britney” movement might try to snag her out-of-state. 

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