DM: Queen Elizabeth has prevented staff from discussing the Sussexes publicly

DM: Queen Elizabeth has prevented staff from discussing the Sussexes publicly

As Prince Charles and Prince William run around London making asses out of themselves, the Queen has only issued that one statement in reaction to Harry and Meghan’s Oprah interview. Part of me believed the play was “the Queen will bury her head in the sand and pretend that nothing happened.” And hey, she still might do that, but her courtiers are telling Rebecca English that the Queen will try to have some kind of private reconciliation with Prince Harry.

The Queen is to extend a personal olive branch to Harry and Meghan as she takes charge of the fallout from their bombshell television interview. With senior royals still ‘reeling’ following a series of explosive allegations by the couple, she has issued a ‘three-line whip’ to prevent staff discussing the situation publicly.

It is understood that she intends to try to pour oil on troubled waters by reaching out to her grandson and his wife in California instead. It is expected that they will speak on the phone in the next few days.

Although Harry and Meghan were informed of Buckingham Palace’s statement on the issue prior to its release on Tuesday evening, this was done through officials. But the Queen believes now is the time for a more personal approach. The 94-year-old monarch’s determination to seize the initiative is deemed to be a sensible one.

Both Harry and Meghan made a point of trying to ‘ring fence’ his grandparents from criticism, with the duchess saying how ‘wonderful’ and generous the Queen had been and boasting of being able to call her without needing to speak to officials. Harry also insisted he hadn’t ‘blindsided’ her with their decision to step down from royal duties as he had too much respect for his ‘colonel in chief’. And he told Oprah to make clear in publicity for the show that the unidentified family member who Meghan claims expressed ‘concern’ about how ‘dark’ their child would be was neither of his grandparents.

Courtiers now hope and believe the Queen’s approach will help to ‘de-toxify’ such a volatile situation.

‘It is difficult to underestimate how shell-shocked everyone is by what has happened,’ a source told the Daily Mail. ‘People are literally reeling from what has happened and some staff would dearly love to publicly rebut some of what has been said about them. But the Queen has taken a very measured, sensible approach. She is leading by example. This is a matter for her and the family to deal with.’

Insiders fear even if Harry does manage to patch up relations with his family, irrevocable damage has been done.

[From The Daily Mail]

“Insiders fear even if Harry does manage to patch up relations with his family, irrevocable damage has been done.” Because of the interview. Not all of the sh-t the family did to Harry and Meghan. The irrevocable damage, in the Windsors’ minds, was the fact that Harry and Meghan wouldn’t sit there for years on end, being battered, harassed, abused and gaslighted. I just feel like I have to keep repeating this sh-t because it’s really awful how twisted everything has become. Anyway, I do think Harry and Meghan went into the interview with a plan to not bash Liz and Philip whatsoever. I think Harry would love nothing more for his family to really be able to face what happened and what they did to him, his wife and his children and for there to be some kind of reconciliation. That being said, Harry knows his family. And I doubt he’s expecting much of anything from them.

(Also, it used to be Philip who was assigned these kinds of tasks, to bring in a wayward royal, to act as family therapist. Philip did that with Diana, for all the good it did. The Queen trying to take on a task she used to give to Philip… well…)

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